Tamilrockers – How do they – Earn, Operate and Started?

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Hello everyone, in this post I will answer the most commonly asked question about the popular piracy website – The Tamilrockers.

Let’s start.

What are Tamilrockers?

It is a website that encourages the unauthorized sharing of copyrighted protected materials including TV shows, films, and videos.

Through support via magnet links or torrent files, the website helps users to search for and share copyrighted content, enabling peer-to-peer sharing.

Throughout India, ISPs are directed to restrict Website access. The site is running by transitioning to a set of new URLs.

The film industry association MPAA also identifies Tamil Rockers as among the infamous markets, apart from the usual list of pirate pages, games, and hosting providers.

Who owns tamilrockers?

Nobody knows it or should I say it’s still not clear. I think only Sherlock Holmes can solve it. (Sorry for such a poor joke).

On March 14, 2018, Kerala police arrested a few members who were accused of releasing pirated copies of films.

A total of 5 members were arrested who were found operating different pirated websites – tamilrockers and DVD rockers.

According to the police, Karthi was the administrator of the website and was arrested along with Prabhu and Suresh.

When did it start?

According to VOX exclusive, It all started in 2007 when Rajinikanth’s Shivaji was released. I will link it in the reference. So please read it.

In short – they were the shopkeepers who sold pirated movies/software and found out the power of the internet.

They are just like any entrepreneur who thought of expanding their business or making their own empire. 

They brought their business to the internet and we all made them famous.

How much do they earn?

Can be from 10 lakhs to 1 Crore or even more.

Well they don’t charge you for downloading so how do they earn?

They mostly earned from the ads. They show a lot of ads to the user so if the user views them or clicks them they will earn a certain sum of money. As they are illegal the popular ad website such as AdSense doesn’t approve of them. 

So these types of websites that host pirated content or adult content depend on websites like popAds, popMyAds, Propeller Ads Media, etc to earn.

The pop-up ads cannot be blocked by an adblocker. So as soon as 1000 people click they generate around a couple of dollars.

Easy money right?

As this is an illegal website so there is no fixed address. If you google you will find lots of pages that mention various tamilrockers sites.

But actually they are just adding all the random extensions to the domain name.

The only way to find the correct website is to follow their twitter handle. You will exactly get the right working website.

You can access the website by VPN or proxy. If you need a guide on this.

[su_highlight]This guide will help you. – How to access the tamilrockers website.[/su_highlight]

Is it legal

No. And never will be.

Selling someone’s copyright product or copy is illegal. Online piracy is a crime. According to copyright act 1957 you will be imprisoned for 3 years and will be fined up to rupee 3 lakhs.

If you are getting inspired by them and thinking of opening a movie downloading website then please don’t. Respect artists and support them.

Creating a movie or a software takes a lot of effort. We all know it but still we prefer a cracked software or download the movie from the pirated website.

These types of sites will make you rich quickly but have serious consequences. 

How they get the latest movies?

Well I think it is obvious, these people sneak into a theater that doesn’t have a proper security with their own camera and just record it.

The recorded file takes lots of storage space, so they compress it to the desired quality mostly 720p, 1080, etc. 

As you know most of the theater does not allow cameras because of this reason. These guys use different types of ripping softwares like handbrake which have the ability to convert a video into any format.

To do this all you need is a powerful multi-core CPU. The better the processor the faster the conversion, the quicker you convert the more you will upload. The more recent movie your website has the more popular it becomes.

Who uploads the movies?

It will take more than 10 members to maintain such a piracy website. There are many members from all over the world who contribute to such kinds of privacy websites.

They are paid according to the movies they bring or how many download their movies get.

The members earn a lot. This attracts a lot of other people who want to earn some quick money. So there will never be a shortage of these people.

Even if one get arrested and left this, he/she will soon be replaced by some other member who is willing to contribute.

Is it banned?

 This type of website is blocked in India but still you can access it with a few easy tricks.

If you don’t know how? Read this – how to access tamilrockers.

Almost all Internet service providers of India have blocked these privacy websites. But still it is visible in google. 

Well, Google has blocked most of the websites but still, they appear on your search result. You can’t blame them, almost tens, thousands of websites are created and are indexed by google.

They just change their domain name or change the extension and redirect the old website to the new domain. That’s how they become unstoppable.


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