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What is android custom ROM?

what is android custom rom

We all have heard about ROM (Read Only Memory) and when it comes to android they both are different and are confusing.

Every android device such as phones, tablets, smartwatch, etc. comes with what we call “stock ROM” or “stock Firmware”.

That generally means the preinstall firmware.

This preinstalled firmware is defined by the phone manufacturer which limits the functionality and its true potential.

That means by flashing an android custom ROM you can unlock some extra cool features or improve its performance.

Android is an open-source mobile operating system developed by Google, as its source code is available in public any developer can edit the code, recompile it, and release for a wide variety of devices.

These rom are developed by a group of passionate developers who loves modding. Most of it is free to download.

Is it safe to install Android Custom ROM?

First, let me make you clear, any software that you install on any hardware of any form is not 100% safe unless you are the maker or you’ve read all of the source code, verified its safety, and built it yourself.

Here is some way that should be used to check the security of the android custom rom.

–  These ROMs are open-source and there are chances for your data to be stolen. It all depends on the ethics of the developer and refrain from such practices.

–  DO you trust the developer?

–   An active community of the professionals and hobbyists who watch what kind of additions are made to the source codes and ensure that it has no secret bugs.

I would say most of them are safe. Try to flash only popular ones and avoid flashing firmware that no one heard about.

Advantages –

Many users are perfectly satisfied with the stock. Custom is for those who want to push the performance and unlock extra features.

Some of the benefits of switching to an Android Custom ROM:

Less Bloatware. Bloatware refers to unnecessary apps that are pre-installed by manufacturers.

These are the sponsored app that you can never uninstall and runs in the background and uses your precious battery and RAM/System memory.

Flashing android custom ROM can solve this problem

Better UI. Some of the devices come with preinstalled UI that the manufacturer placed on top of stock firmware. Samsung’s Touch Wiz, Xiaomi’s MIUI and HTC’s Sense UI are some examples.

Some user hates them and wants AOSP/Pure Android experience.

Performance Gains. This factor completely dependent on which ROM you are installing.

There are loads of YouTube videos that review firmware, watch them and you will get an idea about the popular ROM for your device.

Its own unique features. For example, in LineageOS you have a large number of settings not found in stock devices.

Privacy guard, weekly updates, cropped screenshots from the power menu, easy sound profiles, changing every element of the navigation and status bar.

Newer Android Version. We all know after some time the manufacture stops giving OTA update and if there happens to be an upgraded version of the device in the market, they release the update full with bugs and force us to purchase their new devices.

Administrative privileges – You have root access to your device that implies more tweaking.

Disadvantages –

Risk Factor. It involves flashing a custom recovery and unlocking bootloader.

There is a significant risk of rendering your device unbootable or bricking.

Bugs. Stock firmware from the manufacturer passes through a lot of quality checks and when it comes to android custom ROM we don’t know whether it passes through the same quality checks that manufacturers impose on stock one.

So a custom one does contain bugs and you should read reviews before flashing it.

Hardware Issues. Android custom ROM may not properly support all of the hardware in your phone, so you may run into bugs, non-functioning hardware.

Checking the review and documentation will help you.

Before flashing the firmware make sure you check your device’s XDA developer forum and based on that make your own decision.

So do you prefer Android Custom Rom over Stock? Please tell us in the comments. Thanks!

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