Best Battery Saver Apps For Android.

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Are you looking for an app that really saves your battery?

I know searching a good app in a play store is challenging. Don’t worry, Here is a list that will definitely help you.


So, lets start.

Battery Saver From Phone Cleaner

Let’s start the list with my personal favorite. This is more like a performance booster app. You will get all the features to improve your mobile performance.

You can stop a resource-hungry background running app using the phone booster feature to save some power.

It scans and suggests the removal of all device cache, app cache, log files, temp files, and outdated apk files, free memory, and running your phone faster than ever before.

Scan and delete running apps which drain your battery in a few easy steps, if your phone has low energy, you can save energy by deleting applications that are running in the background

Each time you recharge it, when you unplug the charger, a full summary of charging data includes charge time, percentage batteries charged, charging speed

Key feature

  • Phone Booster
  • Junk Cleaner
  • CPU cooler
  • Detailed report 

GO Pro

It’s the easiest and most efficient power saver to keep your phone functioning whenever you need it, and to protect it from slow charging, power eating up applications, and ignored device settings which reduce your battery life.

GO Pro shows us about how long the juice would last in several conditions (video streaming, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth on or off, etc.) as well as how much energy it absorbs. It instantly solves problems with power usage with one tap!

It also tracks all programs that waste energy when not being used and alerts users of apps that consume high power. It also shows how much juice can be increased by saving. 

Key features

  • Estimates remaining time
  • Three saver mode
  • Engery Saver & Monitor

Green Battery by power doctor

It’s a reliable and free app that can save up to 50% with just a single tap. In addition to offering several utilities like Junk Cleaner, Memory Booster, and App Lock. it can allow users to boost up the phone, clean memory, or manage apps.

With the help of this app, you can remove unnecessary background processes to clear memory (RAM) and optimize mobile speed. Automatically stop-startup applications to speed up booting and reduce memory use.

The application is very lightweight, smooth, intuitive, and simple to use.

Key Features –

  • Remaining charge time and use time
  • App lock
  • Cpu cooler
  • Junk file cleaner

Kaspersky Life

Kaspersky Life is really the Free energy Savings Tool that allows you to improve your Phone and tablet battery life.

Almost any app operating on your phone, even apps operating in the background are continuously observed. You may disable any apps that demand too many resources while making sure your beloved applications continue to function.

If any of the applications unexpectedly starts consuming more resources than it normally does, you will receive an automated warning, and then you can determine whether to stop the app.

Key Features –

  • Monitors background app
  • Accurate life prediction
  • Full control

dfndr battery – psafe

This application lets you preserve the juice of your device in a number of ways. It removes unused programs in the background that consume energy while identifying the applications that you would like to remain open. It also serves as a energy saver by adjusting the brightness of the screen of your phone.

This also helps maintain your mobile cool by reducing the battery temperature and decreasing power consumption. You will not only save juice, but it also saves the CPU as well as other device components against possible damage.

Select from four customization saver modes-  

Emergency profile: instantly activates once the level hits the last 10%.

The location profile maximizes energy consumption depending on the position, whether it’s at work or at home.

Peak Times Profile: allows one to switch to save mode instantly at set times during the day.

Prolong profile: another way to customize specific power-saving settings You can change features such as brightness, timeout, vibration, and Gps to take full advantage of your remaining juice.

Key features-

  • Phone Cooler
  • Optimizer
  • Screen saver
  • Detailed health report

Fast Charging – Eco Mobile VN

Watch this video on YouTube.

This has the most beautiful interface. The color combination with the background is stunning. This app helps you to track your charge status like remaining time, charging time, etc. You can also clean the background app which will reduce the memory and device heat which will reduce consumption.

Features –

  • Charge history
  • Over charge protection
  •  Track background running app

Snowie – Super Saver

It’s a FREE app that improves battery life and easy charging on Android devices. The 1-touch feature explicitly prevents power-consuming activities, saves energy, protects cell health, and lifts faster.

You can also scan all programs and can check their power consumption with just 1 click

Features –

  • Clear memory
  • Accurate prediction
  • Easy interface
  • Cpu Coller
  • Phone Cleaner


This app maintains cell health, shows the information of usage, and tests science-based power efficiency.

The lifetime of the batteries is limited. It wears every time you charge your device, reducing its overall power. Research studies suggest that its life could be prolonged to 200% if your phone is charged to just 80%.

This app tests the current usage of the battery using the charging controller information.  Android measures how much energy the CPU requires using pre-baked profiles from device manufacturers. But, in reality, these figures are very misleading.

You can also use it to find the device’s best charger and USB cable. To find out, calculate the charging current (in mA)!

Features –

  • No ads
  • Over charge Alarm
  • Exact capacity
  • Charger speed

That’s it and if you think i have missed some good apps then please mention it in the comment and i will test it and add it to the list.

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