Best 1080p Gaming Monitor In India

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Best 1080p Gaming Monitor In India – The monitor serves as a window into the soul of the computer. All of your computer activities, from gaming to watching and creating images and videos to just reading content from your favorite sites, would be slowed down if you don’t have the correct monitor.

Hardware manufacturers are well aware of the impact that various display specifications and capabilities have on the user experience, and as a result, they’ve filled the market with an abundance of choices. When it comes to your monitor’s features and specifications, what matters the most to you? That’s the reason I wrote this.

Here are India’s best and most affordable 1080p gaming monitors.

BenQ GW2780

Best 1080p Gaming Monitor In India

Price –  ₹15,670

The GW2780 provides all of the capabilities you’re looking for in a 1080p gaming monitor. Your workspace will appear neat thanks to ultra-thin bezels and concealed wire management. While you’re staring at your screen, BenQ’s proprietary Eye-CareTM Technology takes care of you. LED and IPS technologies provide amazing visual pleasure by delivering true colors, deeper blacks, better contrast, and finer details.

Features –

IPS (In-Plane Switching) Wide Viewing Angle Technology

Color and picture reproduction is precise from every angle thanks to IPS screen technology. Wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178° give a fantastic vision from anywhere in the room.

Eye-Care –

BenQ developed Eye-CareTM technology with your health in mind. 

Certification by TÜV Rheinland.

TUV Rheinland, the worldwide leader in technical and safety certification, has recognized BenQ Eye-CareTM Monitors for ZeroFlicker and Low Blue Light capabilities. This shows  BenQ is dedicated to protecting visual health and customers’ comfort as the globe’s leading maker of Eye-Care monitors.

Brightness Intelligence Technology

Brightness Intelligence identifies the intensity of the media, increasing dark areas without overexposing bright spots for a sharper picture.

It also detects light levels in the surroundings and dynamically changes screen brightness for the maximum comfy visual experience.

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Low Blue Light

You could use a screen that keeps your eyes fresher even if you’re reading, streaming movies, or catching up with friends. Blue light causes eye damage when exposed to it for an extended period of time. Low blue light technology filters out dangerous blue light, protecting the eyes of people of all ages.


Flicker-free reduces standard LCDs’ dangerous flicker, preventing eye strain and vision problems.

BenQ EW2480

Price –  ₹15,990

The EW2480 utilizes an IPS screen with HDRi and outstanding audiovisual characteristics to give a rich multimedia experience, maximizing the enjoyment of the newest HDR entertainment material.

Features –


HDRi is your greatest protection against the dark. Built-in sensors measure light levels in the surrounding environment while also assessing visuals on the screen at the same time Your display is then re-calibrated to provide gorgeous visuals that are also a pleasure to look at. Remarkable results are achieved by adjusting the color performance, contrast, and visual clarity to the user’s own preferences. Get sucked into your favorite movies and games like never before thanks to an unrivaled visual experience.

Bezel-less Design 

It’s a perfect fit for any contemporary decor thanks to its edge-to-edge display with ultra-thin bezels and a bigger screen area.

24P for Cinematic Feel

Film footage is rendered with a cinematic aesthetic since the 24P frame rate displays it at its original cadence without the need for pulldown, which may affect the playback of the source video.

True Quality Sound

To improve your entertainment experience, built-in 2.5W speakers give real quality sounds. The monitor has 3 pre-set audio settings for you to choose from so that you may experience a wide variety of content.

ePaper Mode.

For an enjoyable reading session with crisp, legible text, choose the simulated e-book mode, which gives a simple black-and-white layout with little visual clutter.

Eye Reminder.

Eye Reminder uses an infrared sensor to identify an individual’s presence and monitor desk hours to recommend a pause.

Gigabyte G27F

Price –  ₹16,900.

The monitor is frequently undervalued since it is an invisible player. There is no doubt that monitors work together to enhance the performance of PC components. Gamers can experience upgraded performance with no need for luxury thanks to the GIGABYTE gaming monitors.

Features –

1ms Response Time

The smoothest gaming session imaginable, thanks to a response time of under 1ms!

FHD at 144Hz

Playing games on your high-definition screen is a breeze now thanks to high definition and fast refresh rates!

8-bit color, 95% DCI-P3

Exceptional color presentation with 95% DCI-P3 ultra wide-gamut color.

Stylish And Easy To Use

The GIGABYTE gaming series basic design is reflected in the sleek look, with a robust stand with matte texture created for both practical and aesthetic aspects.

OSD Sidekick

GIGABYTE OSD Sidekick lets you configure display choices using a keyboard and mouse, making it the simplest method to change monitor settings.

Perfect Viewing Angle

In order to provide a wide range of height and tilt adjustability, GIGABYTE Gaming monitors are equipped with a distinctive stand.

MSI Pro MP242P

Price –  ₹15,499

In addition to protecting your vision, the MSI PRO MP242P has a customizable stand, reduced blue light, and anti-flicker functionality. The IPS grade panel of the monitor is designed to provide the best possible picture and color clarity. It’s made for anyone who wants to learn how to program and code online. With it, you may enjoy the clearest streaming and online video sessions while making every word and detail crystal clear for studying.

Features –


The monitor’s output current is kept steady due to MSI Anti-Flicker tech. Reduces the likelihood of needing reading glasses in the future by preventing dry eyes, eyestrain, and other eye problems.

Less Blue Light Technology

Using less blue light technology you can protect your eyes from the detrimental effects of blue light, which is created by the screen.

IPS Panel with Wide Viewing Angle

In order to get the most out of your online video, the IPS panel enhances the display’s colors and brightness.

Adjustable Stand

Keep working comfortably by adjusting the base to the position which is most comfortable for you.

Exclusive MSI Display Kit APP

You’ll have the most convenient tool for learning, the right display and color mode, with the MSI software Display Kit, which is only available from MSI.

Lenovo Q24i-1L

Price –  ₹15,990

The aesthetically appealing, ultra-slim Lenovo Q24i-1L monitor will enhance the look and confidence of your living environment. This compact monitor featuring Full-HD resolution and NearEdgeless bezels brings aesthetics and usefulness combined in a beautiful 60.4cms (23.8) design, whether in the living room or the workplace. Better visuals are provided by its In-Plane Switching display, which renders the picture from every angle spectacular. 

With Natural Low the Blue Light and Eyesafe Display Certification, you can say bye to eye problems while minimizing the amount of blue light and yellow distortions without compromising color fidelity. Furthermore, the TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort-certified panel guarantees an unrivaled watching experience. Elevate your multimedia session to the ultimate level with AMD FreeSync technology and dual speakers which provide smooth image quality and powerful sound for an engaging session every time.

Features –

AMD’s FreeSync technology

This 23.8-inch screen’s outstanding Full-HD resolution is ideal for binge-watching. This NearEdgeless, In-plane switching display offers a broad viewing range of 178° on each side, allowing you to see every detail. AMD FreeSyncTM technology, a refresh speed of 75 Hz, and a reaction time of 4ms prevent screen tears to improve your gaming experience.

Beautiful appearances

The Lenovo Q24i-1L has a simple appearance with a gorgeous iron-grey base that complements your home decor. The monitor is stunning because of its 6.9 mm ultra-slim monitor head and 3-sided NearEdgeless bezels. Install this VESA-compatible monitor conveniently on just about any flat surface to produce a modern accent to your wall.

Improved connectivity

The Lenovo Q24i-1L has a simple look, which is only one of its many features. The monitor has HDMI, VGA, and audio connectors, allowing you to easily attach it to PCs and laptops. The built-in twin speakers provide high-quality audio.

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