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Are you looking for a beat maker app? Do you have the instinct to make quality music? Then you came to the right place. 

In this post, I will list down the best free app which will help you to make great beats.

These app will help you to make killer beats in no time.

  • Groovepad
  • Music Maker JAM
  • Drum Pad Machine
  • Splash
  • BandLab
  • Hip-Hop Producer Pads
  • Bandpass

Let’s start.


If you dreamed of becoming a DJ and don’t know where to start then this app will definitely help you. Through this app, anyone can learn how to create a song or play different music tracks together. Pick the genre you like and tap on pads to create music.

Do experiments by mixing various tracks to master this skill. Groovepad has a step by step guide and is easy to use. 

Another great thing about this app is that it doesn’t show lots of ads. You can play the premium boards for free by just watching 30-second ads.

Why use it-

  • Tons of tracks to choose from
  • New sounds added weekly
  • FX effects to bring to life your track
  • Live loops to fit all the audio together.

Music Maker JAM

Watch this video on YouTube.

I have personally used this app and created some unique audios. It also has a great community of artists, so you can create your beat, share it, and become famous. You can also record vocals for your own track. 

Only some tracks are free, rest you have to purchase from in-game coins. Free once is not that great, and in the end, you will be forced to buy. It is extremely easy to use, and you will have to play with every setting to learn.

Why use it-

  • Great community
  • Premium stuff is great
  • Adding vocal option
  • Huge Library – 300+ Mix and 100k loops

Drum Pad Machine

Watch this video on YouTube.

This app will help you to create your own beat in just a few clicks. This app makes music soo much fun. You will literally spend an hour just playing with it. 

As the name says, to generate music you will have to tap (just like playing drums) on the rectangular colorful field. The same color button will generate similar sounds. You can use as many sounds to make the beat or few that match the theme.

Drum pad has a step by step detailed tutorial which will help any newbie to be a pro. Music style include – Trap, Dubstep, EDM, House, Drum & Bas, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Future Bass

Why use it-

  • Drum like playing style
  • In-depth tutorial
  • Loop creation
  • Highly addictive


Watch this video on YouTube.

Splash is for those users who are looking for a completely free app with zero ads. It has 100,00k + downloads and a rating of 4.8 stars. Splash has an amazing developer response, found a bug? Just add a complaint and you will get a response within a day.

Every audio, FX, etc present in the library is completely free. It is similar to the drum pad machine app and can be used as an alternative. You can record and share it with social media.

Why use it-

  • Ads-free
  • All stuff is free
  • 50+ audio packs
  • Drum like playing style


Watch this video on YouTube.

Import a track or build your music from scrap, work with creators, and post your amazing tracks for the global community of BandLab. Our easy to use editor is a launch pad that helps you to beautifully capture, modify, and replay any songs.

Use hundreds of free tracks of creative effects, rhythms, looping, and voices that will encourage artists such as EDM, dubstep, house, hip-hop, car, punk, rap, and more.

.You can meet new mates with BandLab’s social networking tools, collaborate with them, and launch a band of fellow singers, guitarists, beat creators, rappers, and more. 

Contact the community’s pros and experts for advice and strategies, and post your dream selections with an audience that is still focused on listening. With no time to go from young to the experienced artist.

BandLab also lets you find and download thousands of tracks produced from upcoming musicians, bands, and DJs.

Bandlab also comes with unlimited cloud storage so that you can create unlimited music and have unlimited fun.

Why use it –

  • Cloud storage
  • Active community
  • 12 tracks can be edited simultaneously
  • 100+ Presets (guitar,bass,vocals)
  • 100+ MIDI instruments

Hip-Hop Producer Pads

This app is targeted towards the user who wants to make rap beats. If you are into hip hop beats then go for it. It is so easy that you can create your track in just an hour. This app has limited tracks so you will end up using the same beat.

I think it is still in development and the developer will add more tracks. The rating is 4.4 stars and has fewer ads.

Why use it –

  • Great for making Hip hop sounds
  • Great and selected audio


Watch this video on YouTube.

This app is still in development. Bandpass has a complicated dashboard but once you learn the basics it becomes easy. You can mix multiple tracks, loop it, or reverb it. 

You can test and mix over 3000 audio. If you need inspiration just listen to the music made by another artist. It also has 50+ real-time effects to play with. Bandpass has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

Why use it –

  • 3000+ samples
  • 50+ real-time effects
  • Live Mix
  • Big community.

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