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One of the most critical software on any smartphone is web browsers. Getting the right functionality and efficiency while surfing the internet will change your entire experience. It can be difficult to find the right one, since there are so many choices.

Let’s look at the best browsers in Android for 2020


If you are looking for a lightweight browser then you should give this app a try. The size of mint is just 10 MB. As the size of it is low, you will see fast launch speeds which will give you a great experience.

Mint comes with inbuilt ad blockers to block all those annoying popup ads.  This app is made by Xiaomi. The cool feature of Mint is that it automatically detects the video on any website and provides you with an option to download the video. With the help of it, you can download videos from popular websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. 

If you love to browse at night then there is a night mode which dims the brightness and protects your eyes.


  • Just 10 mb size
  • Comes with ad blocker
  • Download video from any websites
  • Night mode to protect your eyes
  • Data saver mode.


If you are looking for a browser that runs in less RAM and needs less storage space then this is made for you. 

Via won’t push news or other related stuff that you are into like chrome. The size of this app is not even 1 MB and the developer claims that this Via is fast as lightning.

In this you can easily customize the homepage, you can keep all your favorite sites on it for ease of access. It also has inbuilt translator options so don’t worry, you will use google translate less often.

Just imagine all these features are packed in just 1 MB.

Features –

  • Homepage customization
  • Ad blocker
  • Privacy protect 
  • Night mode
  • Add ons to increase functionalities

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has come with a new edge browser.  I think it is just a refreshed design with a little bit of performance boost. As usual, Microsoft is forcing its own search engine, i.e Bing. They also have a reward system if you use Edge and stick to bing. I think they are doing this to collect your data

You can sync your data across devices, if you use edge. The main feature here is this application comes with an anti tracking feature which can help you to evade targeted ads.

It contains all the necessary things, like incognito, dark modes, etc . And it does look like a beautified version of google chrome.

Features –

  • Anti tracker
  • Looks stunning
  • You can earn rewards


DuckDuckGo is one of the famous search engines that protect your privacy. You can enjoy the features of the search engine by using the browser.

So if you don’t know, google works by collecting your data which include your browsing history, location data, etc and based on that it shows you the result. A search engine following your every activity on the internet is kind of creepy. 

So if you are one of those users who consider their privacy seriously then you will love duck duck go.

It also shows you the privacy grade rating of all the websites you visit. Rating will from grade A to F. A being great and F is for worse. 

This application includes default browsing features like tabs, bookmarks, and autocomplete. With maximum security of privacy as mentioned above.

There is also a fire button which clears all your data in just a tap.

Features –  

  • Encrypted connection
  • !00% private browsing experience
  • Website privacy rating
  • Fire button to clear you data and tabs


Phoenix is from verizontal technology and has over 100 million downloads. It also has an average user rating of 4.6 stars. It is one of the great browsers that you can find on the play store and I am using these stats to prove my point.

It has an inbuilt video player through which you can watch movies and your favorite video directly. You can also download the video that loads on any website.

You will find all the popular search engines like google, duck duck go, yahoo and bing, and all the common features of traditional browsers like night mode, desktop mode, etc.

It also has a no image mode that disables video and images from the website. It is a great feature if you are stuck with a poor network or if you want to save data.

The most unique feature that I found on this is that you can save your friends WhatsApp status. So for all those who are looking or downloading a separate app to do this, just uninstall those software and install this.

Features –

  • Whatsapp status download
  • Inbuilt video player
  • No image/video mode
  • Night/Bright mode


This Fulldive has all the features of a normal browser. Just like Microsoft edge fulldive also gives you cash rewards. So if you don’t feel like your data is valuable and want to earn some quick money while browsing the internet, then you should go with this.

Watch this video on YouTube.

It is a lightweight app that will surely give you a smooth and fast browsing experience. You will also find the ad blockers to block those annoying ads.

As a reward you will get fulldive coins which can be redeemed for money, cash rewards or gift cards. You can earn it by watching videos, news, listening to music etc. It is a great way to earn some passive income.

It also has a social browser where you can chat and comment on any websites to earn rewards. 

You can also access it from your lock screen by just swiping right and also add news feed from websites like CNN, CNBC, etc.

I think this is the first app of this category that supports VR. It is connected to fulldive VR which is a social VR platform in which you can browse tons of video, games, and applications.

Features –

  • VR store
  • Earn while you browse
  • Social media support
  • Easy access via the lock screen

Aloha Turbo

I love the look of this browser. The design is minimal and stunning. Aloha Turbo comes with a VPN. An unlimited VPN. If you want to take your internet freedom to the next level without interference, then this application is for you. 

You will find an inbuilt adblocker to block those popping ads. It also has tracking protection which can help you to evade those targeted ads.

The coolest thing about Aloha is that it comes with an inbuilt file vault, in which you can hide videos, music, and files that are sensitive or personal for you.

You can also create your own private tabs which can be locked or secured with your fingerprint or with a password. Which I think is a handy feature if you browse a lot of secret websites.

Like fulldive it also supports VR. So you can enjoy 360 and VR cardboard videos. It also supports Chromecast.

Features –

  • Unlimited VPN
  • Private tabs
  • Private vault to hide your file
  • VR player
  • Chromecast support

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