Best Comedy Movies In Hollywood That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Funny movies come in various types – action-comedy, horror-comedy, romantic comedy, and more. Hollywood is a massive industry and makes lots of funny movies in a year, but only a few of them are worth your time.

Here is the list of the best comedy movies in Hollywood that will make you laugh and give you a good time.

This list doesn’t include any spoof movies. So let’s start.

Let Be Cop

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Story of two friends – Justin and Ryan, who were struggling with their career and was living a boring life.

Their lives take a turn when they decide to dress up as a cop for a costume party.

Everybody around them thinks that they are real. Even the police! The duo loved the power and female attention they get and decides to act like a cop.

Things goes south when they confront the dangerous mobsters.

We’re the Millers

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The main character David who is a pot dealer gets robbed and is unable to pay his boss.

His boss forces him to go to Mexico and get some stuff. He only has two options either do what he says or ends up dead.

So he creates a foolproof plan to cross the border unsuspected. The plan is to pose as a family man.

The twist is that the shipment belongs to someone else.

21 Jump Speed

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Schmidt and Jenko were high school students in 2005, one being a nerd, the other a smart, athletic guy.

After graduating, they become a rookie cop, paired together, wishing to arrest criminals on a bike patrol.

They screw up pretty bad and are sent undercover back to secondary school to find the origin of a deadly synthetic drug.

They switch their roles, so Schmidt takes some no-brainer classes where he auditions for Peter Pan and finds love, Jenko takes advanced chemistry and becomes friends with nerds.

Schmidt gets delusional which threatens the entire operation.

Hangover Series

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The story of 4 friends decides to celebrate a bachelor party. The next morning they realize they were wasted and cannot remember anything that happened last night.

The twist is that in every part one of their friend or family member disappears.

With little time to spare, now all they had to do is to gather the clues and retrace their steps.

Every clue they get is worse than the previous one. They must find out what they did that night to find their friend. 


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Annie is struggling with her life and unluck when it comes to love. She was delighted when her best friend Lillian asks her to be the maid of honor.

At the engagement part she realized that she has a rival named Helen, she is better at everything.

Helen is an attractive, super-rich, and is comfortable as the center of attention. She also considers Lillian to be her best friend.

Everything effort that Annie makes goes wrong and is losing the competition.

The situation gets to the point where everyone is stressed. So the question is will Annie lose her best friend?

The Dictator

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The story of the old school dictator General Aladeen. He has unlimited wealth, thanks to those oil fields. Aladeen has the ultimate power and whoever doesn’t agree with him gets executed.

He also changed around 300 words of his native language to his name, some of it has both positive and negative words. So, when the UN threaten him he had no choice but to come to the council to address.

His minister plots a plan to kill the dictator and replace him with a body double, but he escapes the execution and looses his long beard.

He goes from a dictator to a normal man in the crowd. What will he do next?

Crazy Stupid Love

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Cal and Emily married for more than 20 years. However, when Cal discovers Emily’s having an affair his world break down. After that, he goes to a bar and starts complaining about just what happened.

A complete stranger, Jacob decides to help him by giving a complete makeover which makes him look like a player. He teaches him how to pick up a woman, at first he was very awkward but after some time he learns it.

But ultimately he comes to realize that he always loves Emily and simply wishes he can go back.

His son is currently developing an obsession with his baby sitter who really doesn’t feel that way. Jacob aka the player feels in love with someone that Cal knows.

John Tucker Must Die

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The story revolves around a new school girl Kate. She catches John who was dating 3 different girls at once and none of them know about it.

Kate was raised by a single mother who was cheated by multiple playboys like the tucker. She won’t sit quietly and takes a stand. Together they plot a plan to teach John a lesson.

There plan backfiresThings were going great until kate fell in love with tucker.

Johnny English Series

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A bomb attack kills all the secret British agents and Johnny English was the only spy left. Johnny English is played by Rowan Atkinson also known as Mr. Bean.

It is an action-comedy movie with lots of best jokes that will make you laugh. After the incident, Johnny becomes the only spy on her majesty’s service.

He is the British most confident, stupid, and only spy on a mission to recover queens lost jewel. 

Yes Man

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Story of Carl Allen played by Jim Carrey. He enrolls in a self-improvement program that is focussed on a really simple thought until the day: say yes to anything!

Carl realizes the immense power of “Yes” with astonishment and observes his professional and romantic life turning upside down fairly quickly, and unpredictable promotion as well as a new girlfriend.

And he will eventually notice that perhaps and not every opportunity must be taken.

Rush Hour

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Chinese Consul’s 11-year -old daughter is kidnapped, the hopeless father insists on contacting Inspector Lee played by Jackie chan, his old buddy and Hong Kong Police excellent detective, to aid the FBI throughout the investigative process.

The FBI doesn’t want him to fiddle with the investigation so they pair him up with the  LAPD Detective, James Carter, who can’t shut his mouth to watch him over.

Yeah, none of them seem to be particularly pleased with this weird collaboration; even so, the mismatched duo must team up before the FBI to fix this mystery. Will Lee save the child?

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