Best data science courses on udemy

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Hi, In this post I will share you with some of the best data science courses on udemy. These courses are free for everyone and will help your data science career getting started.

Data Science courses For Free

Best data science courses on udemy

1. Master Data Science with Python in 10 Hours

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Python as well as its several important libraries for data science, such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn. You will master all of the necessary techniques and expertise for Data Science through 60+ classes, develop all of your new skills through four large exercise parts, along with more than 70+ exercise questions, and do all of these with one of the most common programming languages: PYTHON!

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Data pre-processing is a critical step in the Machine Learning job flow. This program will teach you how to import, search, and clean up data for Machine Learning, and also illustrate and communicate the findings using eye-catching charts. This program will assist you in launching your career or taking the first major step into the realm of Data Science and Machine Learning, all of which are extremely popular areas with numerous job opportunities!

Course rating –  4.1/5 stars (240 reviews)

Course duration – 10.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 20,653 Students

Download Size – 3.2 GB

Official Course  Download Now

2. Data Science A-Z: Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included

This program will provide you with so many practical exercises that when you finish it, the whole world would feel like a piece of cake. This program includes homework assignments that would make you want to cry because they are so thought-provoking and demanding. But you’re not going down without a fight! You will annihilate it. You will gain a detailed knowledge of the aforementioned tools during this course:

  • SQL
  • SSIS
  • Tableau
  • Gretl

Course rating –  4.5/5 stars (29,040 reviews)

Course duration – 21.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 180,653 Students

Download Size – 3.2 GB

Official Course  Download – Part 1, Part 2

3. Data Science: Deep Learning In Python

This program gives you a lot of realistic illustrations so you can see how deep learning can be applied to something. Throughout the program, we will complete a course project that will demonstrate how to forecast user behavior on a site based on user information such as whether or not the user is using a mobile device, the number of items they downloaded, the length of time they spent on the site, whether or not they are a returning guest, and also what time of day they accessed.

Course rating –  4.6/5 stars (46,240 reviews)

Course duration – 11.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 46,653 Students

Download Size – 1.9 GB

Official Course  Download Now

4. Python Data Science With Pandas: Master 12 Advanced Projects

This course is for –

  • Anyone who is serious about mastering big, messy, and unclean datasets.
  • All who want to advance from “I could try writing some Pandas code” to “I can perfect my real-world Pandas Data Projects.”
  • Data Scientists 
  • Machine learning professionals
  • Finance & Investment Professionals
  • Those who research.

Course rating –  4.4/5 stars (240 reviews)

Course duration – 11.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 3,753 Students

Download Size – 5.4 GB

Official Course  Download Now

5. Data Science And Machine Learning Bootcamp With R

This course is for the absolute novices with no programming background as well as advanced programmers who want to move into Data Science!

This intensive course is equivalent to other Data Science bootcamps that typically cost thousands of dollars, but you can now study everything for a tenth of the costs! This is among the most extensive data science and machine learning courses on Udemy, including over 90+ HD video lectures and informative code notes for each class!

Course rating –  4.7/5 stars (13,240 reviews)

Course duration – 17.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 73,753 Students

Download Size – 2.4 GB

Official Course  Download Now

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