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Hi, in this post I have selected the best Digital marketing courses on udemy which will definitely help you in gaining knowledge about this field.

In short, Digital marketing uses the internet as well as other types of digital media to promote businesses and interact with potential consumers.

Digital Marketing courses For Free

Best Digital Marketing Course On Udemy

1. The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses In 1

This course has over 20 hours of training, assessments, and practical exercises. This is among the most in-depth digital marketing programs on udemy. SEO, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and more are covered in this program.

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Every component of the course is jam-packed with tasks, assessments, and practical lectures.

Learn how to advertise a product or a service on the internet from the ground up using all of the key marketing platforms.

Course rating –  4.5/5 stars (133,655 reviews)

Course duration – 22.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 525,753 Students

Download Size – 8.4 GB

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2. Digital Marketing Certification: Master Digital Marketing

No prior knowledge of digital marketing is required. Begin studying the techniques and tactics, and also tried and proven tactics, which will turn you into a digital marketing and internet advertising master.

Each portion of the program is a step-by-step tutorial that not only provides important information on the topic at hand but also demonstrates tried and true strategies for increasing profitability in your business and becoming a great digital marketer.

Course rating –  4.1/5 stars (4,655 reviews)

Course duration – 3.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 125,753 Students

Download Size – 1.4 GB

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3. Digital Marketing Masterclass – 23 Courses In 1

The best part about this training is you’ll have two instructors! Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila have grown their own six-figure business through online marketing.

Phil and Diego combined have taught over 300,000 students Udemy, so they know what it takes to assist complete novices acquire complex digital marketing skills. They’ve taken ideas and ideas from several of their previous best-selling courses and merged them in one comprehensive digital marketing course.

You’ll be doing activities during the whole course! For each area, you’ll discover the right tactics and approaches. Then, via case studies, you’ll learn how these methods are implemented in the actual world.

Course rating –  4.4/5 stars (16,655 reviews)

Course duration – 31.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 205,753 Students

Download Size – 10.4 GB

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4. Digital Marketing Fundamentals: CEO Secrets & Industry Hacks

If you’d like to improve your digital marketing skills, you must first master the basics. This training will show you all you really need to learn about the principles of digital marketing. It will teach you how to improve your own brand, create your own advertising agency or consulting service and handle marketing for both big and small enterprises.

This digital marketing training is one as it contains CEO secrets and industry hacks that you won’t discover anyplace else. This program would not only guide you from beginner to expert in digital marketing principles, but it would also teach you key tactics used by some of the biggest and most profitable firms.

Course rating –  4.6/5 stars (19 reviews)

Course duration – 2 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 1,753 Students

Download Size – 1.4 GB

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5. The Complete Digital Marketing Bootcamp

This program is designed for anyone who wants to have a thorough grasp of digital marketing. Whether you operate your own firm or would like to start a professional career, this training will show you the essentials of digital marketing. This tutorial will give you not just the academic basis of marketing, but also practical knowledge which you can put to use straight away. As you progress through this training, you will become acquainted with the fundamental principles while also getting your hands dirty in order to conduct meaningful digital marketing campaigns step by step.

Course rating –  4.0/5 stars (729 reviews)

Course duration – 2 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 4,753 Students

Download Size – 1.0 GB

Official Course  Download Now

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