Best fighting games for android

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Fighting games are fun and addictive. Who doesn’t love to punch and kick his opponent?

best fighting games for android

If you don’t know where to start and want to know the best fighting games available on the play store.

Well here is the list, where we compiled the best games of this generation.

In Fact, I think these are the most underrated games

List of Best Fighting Games For Android.


  • Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes
  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • Boxing Star
  • Shadow Fight 3
  • Mayhem Combat
  • Kung Fu Attack
  • Real Boxing
  • Skullgirls
  • Zombie Ultimate Fighting Champions

Let’s start reviewing the games.

Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes

Watch this video on YouTube.

Expand your love for combos, cherish the Japanese manga games, and find light in the Kingdom’s mess with Heroes! Be the knight in this Classic Fantasy RPG game to defend what you want and seek glory.

The planet is in anarchy and people are being burned down. Kingdom brave heroes move out to fight evil and restore order.  Only the true warriors will face brutality at the frontier and save the victims sunk in the night.

Witness the relentless arcade battle!  Full-screen battle with spectacular visuals, the powerful strike will improve the adrenaline and increase the combo figure.

Why play –

  • More than 50+ Characters.
  • If you love female characters,
  • You can also date your female characters.

Marvel Contest of Champions

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Prepare your favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains for exciting versus battle action in the epic cosmic clash! Choose your favorite MCU character, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine & more are waiting for you. Gather a team and start the journey and become the ultimate Marvel champion.

The biggest battles in the history of Marvel are in your hands. The naive Elder of the Universe, known as The Collector, took you into an epic battle with a number of fearsome villains, including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror and many more. Play the ultimate free game on your smartphone.

Why Play –

  • If you love marvel universe
  • Great story
  • Iconic Marvel locations like oscorp, wakanda and more

Boxing Star

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Have You ever wonder how it actually felt when someone told you that you really need blood, sweat, and tears if you want something? Discover the epic journey of being the next Boxing Star!

Hustle your way up from the Rise from the streets and punch your way to being the most amazing Boxing Star.

Meet and make friends with all wicked and wild boxing characters. Make your way out of the neighborhood street fights and reach for those pay-per-view matches.

Train your boxer and customize it! Design your boxer to match your battle style. Customize the boxer in Boxing Star with epic skills such as MEGAPUNCH,

Why Play –

  • Best boxing game on play store
  • Great visuals
  • Awesome Mega punch skills
  • Customize your character and boxing style

Shadow Fight 3

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Our world is on the verge of an epic war. The powerful warriors of three clans clash over the energy of the shadows and you set out on a quest to end this conflict.

The Legion, a military tribe, seeks to destroy that destructive energy Folks in the dynasty choose to make use of it for income and craft And the Ancient Heralds are learning the shadow power’s darkest secrets.

Love Shadow Fight Series? Here is the list of few games similar to Shadow fight

Your decisions are going to influence their fate. What side do you want to join?

Why play –

  • Beautiful 3d graphics
  • Shadow power is amazing
  • Tons of weapons to destroy your enemy.

Mayhem Combat

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Bring Mayhem Combat’s strength to your smartphone and conquer the Urban Arena in one of Google Play’s best online multiplayer combat matches.

Mayhem Combat provides thrilling gameplay with fresh visuals and epic game elements. Battle street fighters, ride like a ninja and punch ’em like a brawler.

The Urban Playground is your spot to defeat your enemies! Electrocute your opponents, set them on flame and unleash the fighter inside you.

Why play –

  • Dynamic battle arena
  • Great visual and controls

Kung Fu Attack – PVP

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Dive into this action-packed journey with intense and legendary warriors. Protect the earth playing as a mortal age battle hero.

Like in many other warrior games, you will play as Kung Fu Champions battling for justice and honor.

Enter the Kung Fu Attack battle club and fighting masters to become an enemy nightmare for the epic combat with the Kung Fu champions! Charge into an arena with a combo attack! Quickness is crucial in winning hand-to-hand combat.

Brawling can compel you to use mortal combat techniques, powerful weapons and battle spells to challenge Kung Fu.

Why play –

  • If you love Bruce lee
  • Great Story
  • Funny gameplay

Real Boxing

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Fight in a knockout game with a range of punches and combos. The battle to improve your fighting game and give your boxer a chance with power-ups.

Enjoy every jab, hook and KO uppercut, thanks to the most responsive multiplayer controls.

They can be from kung fu or UFC origin, but you have boxing gloves: irrespective of the combat games of the other rivals, you are always going to battle like a boxing boss, like Rocky.

Why play –

  • Awesome Career mode with 30 boxers with their own unique style
  • Real-time multiplayer
  • Variety of mini-games


Watch this video on YouTube.

Indeed the most impressive fighting game I’ve been stumbling on, by far. The art, that is incredible. The audio, jazzy and groove up. The buttons, that is the smash-that-screen vibe you would always want.

You’ll recall those days when you’re still smashing keys on Street Fighter’s arcade, except this game has ramped it up to a better and unique way. It is just fine! What else can I say?

Why Play –

  • 100’s of characters
  • More than 5 types of gaming modes
  • Awesome 2d graphics

Zombie Ultimate Fighting Champions

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A genetically modified formula transforms people into zombies. A new evil, Papa Rainbow, guides the zombies in unleashing these lethal zombie warriors and killing civilization.

You have the task of building your Zombie battle squad with a variety of bone-crushing weapons and killing the zombies in the brutal pit fighting leagues.

Obtain three classes of zombies with special skill, speed, strength, attacks, and agility to defeat strong foes.

Are you ready to deliver your game-winning strategy, create your zombie horde and discover an amazing story to save the human race?

Why Play –

  • Zombie Characters
  • Deadly weapons

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