8 Best Open World Games For PC – 2020

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The open world gives the feeling that you are the king of the world. Who doesn’t like it? Riding the city like a boss.

In this post, I have listed some of the best open world games for PC in 2020.

  • GTA 5
  • Division 2
  • Far Cry – New Dawn
  • New World
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Mafia 1 – Remastered
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Witcher 3

Here is what I like about these games.


I play GTA for only two reasons, one is just roaming in the city, stealing cars, picking up fights from a stranger, getting a maximum star to shoot military fighter jest and second is to sincerely play the mission, just kidding I know what everybody does. 

Must ReadOpen world games for android.

The story is strong, great character, unique personality, and great commentary. The GTA 5 outperforms the entertainment factor provided by San Andreas. 

That’s quite big because San Andreas has been one of the last decade’s best-selling games. It is not only a visual treat, it is a solid entertainer too. 

The story keeps you interested, as well as the possibility of having different roles with their own story or getting their combined effort to accomplish a mission, seems to be something fresh and it has been implemented without fail.

Go forth and try it.

The Division 2

Division 2 is indeed an excellent representation of how well a sequel can be. The previous one was struggling from a dull mission, plenty of repetitive tasks, and side stuff which never seemed that much fulfilling, but with The Division 2 this is certainly not the case.

It took everything correctly done by The Division and combines it all in to make a clearly superior sequel.

It’s a decent TPP shooter, centered around 3 distinct factions of co-op shoots and trying to develop skills and abilities, that supports your way of playing.

There are a lot of things to do and you will be playing for more than 100 hours to complete it. 

Far Cry New Dawn 

Far Cry franchise is known for bringing an entertaining story, frightening villains, and diverse environments.

Also, every part has attempted to level up gameplay mechanics to keep it interesting. We never saw a direct sequel in any of Far Cry titles that have been released.

Every title has a new tale, unique environment, and some dramatic gameplay changes that make the franchise look fresh.

New Dawn is indeed a sequel to Far Cry 5 occurring in such a post-nuclear environment, for the very first time throughout the franchise’s history.

The worlds look similar although they are new to look at. As well the combat and gameplay concepts are just like Far Cry 5, with light RPG components introduced.

New World

The title will give you a vague insight into what to expect.

It is just a game regarding invading a new country in the 17th century of a parallel world in which the only inhabitants of this untouched land are demons and monsters.

As soon as you start the game, you are charged with gathering resources and defending your claims.

Gameplay consists mainly of gathering resource and fight-all of which, if we’re frank, seemed a little repetitive. The war feels strategic and sluggish, as Dark Souls do.

You’ll have to maintain a stamina bar which gets reduced on every strike of the weapon and can be restricted with how many things you hold on your inventory. One small mistake in a fight and your opponent can end up taking you out fairly easily.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Assassin’s Creed franchise travels around to various locations throughout the history of humanity, and Valhalla occurs during England’s Viking invasions, which started towards the ending of the 8th century.   

You play as Eivor, a Viking raider who might guide trips to the British Isles to battle, capture, and create Norse communities.

The Vikings are resisted by Aelfred the Great, king of Wessex, who guided the Anglo-Saxon rebellion against the Viking invaders.

The game would then steer on the aspects of the RPG which people appreciate with recent ones such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Players can choose whether to make Eivor man or woman, and therefore can personalize their main character with different outfits, tats, and apparel.

Mafia 1

This game will be released in August 2020 and is the remastered version of old mafia 1. The game graphic looks fantastic.

Mafia resides in the ‘30s when restriction came into effect and the thugs were at its peak. Al Capone ruled Chicago’s streets and Dons Salieri and Morello were in dispute for the next town. 

So much about this town and the whole game reflects the theme of the 30s. The colors, the textures of the environment, the vehicles, the houses, the manner the people speak … All is pretty thorough and heck almost perfect.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar definitely knows how to make a great open-world game. The game feels slow because you have to get on your horse if you want to move to another location, but the exiting story mission, detailed side quest, and hidden feature its all worth it in the end. 

The game looks beautiful and realistic. After GTA 5 Rockstar games have brought us this masterpiece and it is even better that it. 

They created quite a complex and interesting history of all the characters, and you will find out when the story continues. By the end, you also find yourself developing an emotional attachment to many of the characters.

In terms of multiplayer, the game is improving and will be better after some time. I think that it will be better than GTA Online, god that was miserable. 

This game is a perfect 10 and is worth the money.

Witcher 3

Personally, the Wild Hunt is perhaps the finest Rpg game of all time and I wonder whether there will be any game that rivals it.

First of all, the plot is great with all the unique characters and their individual personalities, engagement with each other and facial expressions looks almost real of each character are very well done

Side missions do not feel dull or repetitive and were far more refined and engaging than other main missions.

Your choices and actions have an influence on the story. There seem to be a variety of different endings that you can reach all over based on your decisions.

Not to mention that this really affects other characters and storylines, based on what you choose.

It is one of the best RPG games still now and worth every time you spend on it.

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