Best Sniper games for android.

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Do you love the feeling you get when you give your enemy that perfect headshot across 300 meters?

best sniper games for android

I don’t know about you, but I love it.

If you are looking for a sniper game for your android and don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry, I have selected the perfect games for you from the play store.

Let’s start the list.


Watch this video on YouTube.

I had one of the most enjoyable experiences, playing this game on android. The levels are difficult (going to assume you are not paying for premium content), the story makes you care about the characters and it has additional practice modes.

My only criticism is that the advertisements are distracting. I’m not suggesting they should be eliminated because the game is safe, but instead they should be replaced by less annoying ones. Honestly, it is the best sniper game that I have been playing on Android.

Why Play –

  • Beautiful story – 5+ hours
  • Awesome sound
  • Challenging missions
  • Snipping feels real

Sniper Strike

Watch this video on YouTube.

This is a high-powered sniper game that takes you through three modes of gameplay and hundreds of missions. Feel an AAA-rated game never seen before on an android device.

Scout through the visually stunning environments, indulge in rapid-fire battle and create the greatest super-soldier as you personalize their state-of-the-art equipment.

Join forces with Wolf, Jackson as well as the rest of the Strike Force.

Why play –

  • Duels with friends
  • Join clans

Hitman Sniper

Watch this video on YouTube.

Agent 47 is a popular video game symbol that has been striking its targets in a range of efficiently brutal ways for nearly two decades. In Hitman Sniper, everybody’s beloved bald killer takes his expertise in sharpshooting up to your Android device in a fascinating adventure to Montenegro, which takes you to even more than 150 cool missions and 10 different contracts.

Oh, there’s a survivor mode set in Death Valley, a post-apocalyptic place filled with brain-hungry zombies.

Why play –

  • Zombie mode
  • Strategic killing
  • Beautiful graphics

Last Hope

Watch this video on YouTube.

Time to get ready and join Last Hope’s apocalyptic wasteland world. Zombies, raiders and dangerous monsters inhabit the ruins all over the world.

Shelter survivors and destroy them to stay alive, only in this first-person shooter game-driven story, you can save the world.

You and your collection of rifles, assault rifles, handguns and a lot of awesome abilities, including grenades and rocket launchers, are what lies between last survivors and the full-blown outbreak of the zombie virus.

Get up, aim for your target and fire your weapon to show that you’re the greatest player in the game. Destroy zombies and battle through the world of apocalypse, a non-stop action zombie.

Why play –

  • Story-based 150+ missions
  • Realistic death and impact animation
  • Can be played offline
  • Beautiful environments

Best Sniper Legacy

Watch this video on YouTube.

A failed project has produced horrific creations that inhabit the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Earth. You now have to hunt to survive as an elite shooter. Complete tasks to obtain new and powerful weapons and be the ultimate sniper!

Why play –

  • Kill dinosaurs (Well why not?)
  • Zombies and Humanosaur (if Humans and dinosaurs had a baby).

Kill Shot Bravo

Watch this video on YouTube.

Equipped with lethal rifles, machine guns, and the latest military hardware to conduct covert missions deep into enemy territory.  

It is your responsibility to save earth in Kill Shot Bravo. That is to hunt criminals, destroy zombies and waging war on evil armies.

Consider yourself a quick shooter? Then test your capabilities in a free android game.

Why play –

  • The huge number of Missions, around 24000
  •  PvP action
  • Fun missions

Contract Killer

Watch this video on YouTube.

Move into an elite killer’s military boots to foil a secret military organization’s world-dominating ambitions and wipe out the cyborgs and mechanized battle armies from cities they conquered around the globe!

Over 250 missions and campaigns, because only single thing matters to an assassin: to fulfill his contract. you can choose from a number of different contracts, such as the transfer of entire teams of enemy forces to some other plane of existence, destruction of bases and removal of high-profile individual targets.

A stock of upgradable firearms like sniper and grenade arms, tesla guns, heavy guns, and even rocket launcher is helping you in your killing efforts. When you are looking for a whole new experience, take action-packed PvP shooting, where you must attack the bases of other competitors and steal their stuff to be the greatest killer.

Why play –

  • Futuristic guns
  • 250+ missions
  • Player vs player battle

Sniper Shooter 3D

Play one of the finest shooting games in the google play store and take the top-secret sniper assignments as the ultimate assassin of the sniper.

Enjoy high fps gameplay, amazing graphics, and intense firing missions. Spot every single world environment in order to find the enemy as well as any other skilled sniper

Why play –

  • Beautiful 3d visuals
  • Amazing bullet-time effects
  • Daily and weekly challenges

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