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If you are looking for a torrent app that will make your download less painful then I have the list of 7 apps that you should definitely try.

Lets start.

Torrent Movies

As the name suggests you can only use this app to download movies. To be more precise you will only get English movies. 

It is similar to Yify app so if you have used it you will what I am talking about. All you have to do is type the desired file name or query and if you are lucky you will see the file, open it and you will find the description, if you like it then go for it.

This app is limited to a certain extent so you won’t be able to stream the movies that are currently downloading which I think should be added because, without it, it won’t be possible to check the quality.

 So if you use the torrent only for watching movies then you should try this.


You don’t have to pay anything for this app it is completely free. You are getting all the pro features of the torrent client in this app at zero cost.

You have an option to tune the settings to maximize the battery which is a premium feature. There is no size and speed restriction. You can move the file while downloading or at the end of it to a completely different place.

Another premium feature that comes with is scheduling. Just set the on and off time and that’s it. You wouldn’t have to resume and pause every time just set it and wait.

It supports Android TV which I haven’t heard on any other similar app and it is definitely cool. If you have a file that you want to share with others then you can create a torrent of that particular file and seed it so that others can download it. If you want to stream or test the file then you can do it directly.

This app is feature-rich and you should definitely use it.


If you are new to this and want an easy way to find stuff rather than visiting the popular torrent website and manually downloading and adding them, then you should use this client.

All you got to do is enter the search term or the file name in the search bar. By the way, TorrDroid has a built-in search engine just like Google, which can be downloaded with just 1 tap and if you don’t want to do that then there is also a feature that automatically selects the most relevant and correct result as per your search query.

And it also has the functionality to block the common virus or the fake files from getting downloaded into your mobile.

So if you want a fully automatic client then you should definitely try this. 

Torrentvilla Lite

This app will suit you if you don’t like torrDroid. It is similar to it but is much better. This app has its own search engine through which you can directly search and download instantly. The results are arranged according to the best health and number of seeders.

You can think of seeders as that individual who has downloaded the file and is sharing it with others by uploading it. As this is a new app the ads shown will be less.

The good thing about this app is that it is frequently updated, so if you find any issue just go to play store and leave a review. You will be contacted and the issue or that bug will be fixed in the next update.


The oldest and popular torrent app. It does contain ads but you can remove it by purchasing the pro version and the price is reasonable. It is lightweight and is battery efficient. There is no limit on size and speed so that you can download as much you want without losing any speed.

Dark Mode is also available in the free version which I think is great and you can also share files to another phone or tablet. 

Consider buying the pro version if you hate ads or want the battery and data saver feature which suspends the download if it reaches the predefined limit.


So if you want an app similar to Utorrent Pro (paid version) then you should try this I remember a few months ago this app was completely free with zero add, now they added a pro version which is extremely cheap.

Flud supports very large size files, but in FAT32 formatted SD card, the limit is 4Gb. Even in the free version, the ads shown are not that aggressive. You can also adjust the priority of files that you want to be downloaded first with unlimited download speed.

You can also move the file to a different location while downloading which I think is a unique feature.


All the apps that I added in this list contain ads, so I thought why not add the one which has no annoying ads. Ladies and gentlemen here is an app that will not show you those annoying popups every time you open it.

It is free because it is an open-source project which is kinda rare in the android world.

It has a basic UI because it is completely free which makes it faster and lighter. No size limits or speed restriction. You also have a location checker to check whether your IP is exposing your location, which will come handy if you are trying to download some copyrighted material.

To make your download faster all of your files is split into multiple parts and treated as individual files to increase the speed.

So if you are a user who needs more control and doesn’t want to see ads then Turbo is for you.

That it guys, if you think that i have missed any other cool app then please mention it in the comment box.

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