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In this post, I have selected a few best web development courses on Udemy for anyone completely free. If you love any course then make sure you support the tutor by purchasing their courses.

Note – I don’t own any link. This post is the compilation of all web development courses on Udemy.

Best web development courses on Udemy with short descriptions

Best web development courses on udemy

1. Practical Web Development: 22 Courses In 1

Web development is a fantastic career choice. You will master many languages, platforms, and databases by the end of this course. This course will teach you HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Python, JavaScript, XML, JSON, Apache, WordPress, and other technologies.

One of the quickest ways to advance in your profession is to explore these fields. I believe this guide would help you in your future career.

Course rating –  4.2/5 stars (3.3k reviews)

Course duration – 11.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 214,777 Students

Download Size – 3.1 GB

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2. Complete Web Development Course: HTML, Vue.Js, PHP, MySQL

The majority of online learners will only dedicate a portion of their time to their studies. They also have other commitments in their lives. Their studies would be often disrupted.

We assume that many of our learners are in a similar position.

As a result, we scheduled several analysis sessions while creating the course’s material. We also invite you to photograph snapshots in our course.

Many of our designs will be split down into manageable chunks. We just concentrate on one aspect at a time. At the end of the day, we’ll mix it to make complex APPs.

Visit our courses tab more the best Udemy course.

We would either inform you to revisit previous lessons or send you an update to refresh your memory whenever previous information is needed.

We will continue to reinforce the pillar while adding more emphasis on it this way. You will ultimately master all we have covered in this course.

Course rating –  4.3/5 stars (2.3k reviews)

Course duration – 32 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 5124 Students

Download Size – 8+ GB

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3. The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp

Without a question, this Web Development program is the most detailed web development course accessible online, with over 50 hours of content. This course would carry you through a novice to mastering, even though you have no prior programming knowledge.  This is why.

  • The curriculum is created by the lead teacher at London’s largest in-person programming Bootcamp, the App Brewery.
  • The program has been revised for 2020, and you’ll discover the most up-to-date resources and technology used by major corporations including Apple, Google, and Netflix.
  • This program does not cut any corners; there are plenty of real-world projects to create, as well as stunning illustrated clarification animations.
  • The program was created over four years, with extensive research and input from students.

Course rating –  4.7/5 stars (100k+ reviews)

Course duration – 55 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 400k+ Students

Download Size – 8+ GB

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4. Total Web Development Course

A web developer maybe anybody. You shouldn’t need extraordinary abilities; what you need is an inspiration.

This tutorial will give you everything you need to understand to create your first web application. You will be able to create a discussion forum that includes private messages and communities.

You would be a full-stack web developer set to deploy your career at the completion of this program.

Course rating –  4.4/5 stars (38 reviews)

Course duration – 55 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 1.2k+ Students

Download Size – 3.3 GB

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5. Complete Web Development Course + Building 5 Websites!

This course would teach you how to build a website from the ground up and will also include the development of five websites. You will also be qualified to work as a web developer or a web designer after finishing this program. First, you will learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3. The templates of websites are created using HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 is only used to connect data between sites, while CSS3 is used to give our web pages style. In this tutorial, you will learn both of these languages and then we’ll work on five web development projects together. This program is appropriate for students at all levels, including novices and professionals.

Course rating –  4.5/5 stars (256 reviews)

Course duration – 24.5 Hrs

Students Enrolled – 11,778 Students

Download Size – 8.6 GB

Official Course  Download Now

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