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Do you love killing those Zombies?

Some of them are fun and others are kind of lame.

best zombie games for android
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There are hundreds of these games that you can find in play store and to select a great game is kind of challenging.

So I came up with the list of my personal favorite zombie games on android.

Zombie Catchers

Watch this video on YouTube.

This is an adventure game, in a world infested with the invasion of the undead. Earth is populated with those undead monsters, but we are extremely lucky: A.J. And Bud, two alien businessmen, decided to build a shop on our planet.

Together they manage to capture all the living dead and help to make Earth completely safe once again while generating a nice profit.

Using gadgets and traps to hunt and catch advanced zombies, bring them to your hidden underground laboratory, and earn a profit. 

Why play –  

  • Hunt and trap those stupid monsters
  • Lots of amazing gadgets
  • Developers claim that this game is top 10 in 90 countries
  • Offline available
  • Fun boss fights

Swamp Attack

Watch this video on YouTube.

Your pond is under threat, pick a weapon and protect your house from attacking monsters like mad zombie monsters crocodiles, aliens, etc.  Make a plan! Beat up monsters. Survive and protect your house. The evil creatures might have zero mercy, but you can defeat them all.

In this game, you have dynamite, flamethrowers, crossbows, Molotov and more to use it against monsters! Prepare for SHOOT! Prepare to ATTACK! Defend your swamp while you enjoy the finest action-packed shooter game!

Why play –

  • 350+ levels
  • More than 30 weapons like shotgun, the atom bomb and more
  • More than 40 Unique monsters with unique abilities
  • Strategy based game

Stupid Zombies 3

Watch this video on YouTube.

It is a combination of shooting and puzzle games. In this game, you have to shoot a bullet that bounces off the surface. This game may look easy but trust me it is not. Anyway if you are looking for some fun time pass, not some serious game then this game is made for you

Why play –

  • Challenging missions
  • Fun and silly weapons

Plants vs. Zombies

Watch this video on YouTube.

You will literally love this game. As the name says you will defend your brains by planting plants that have unique abilities. You will face funny zombies who can dance and read a newspaper. I wonder how they read it without brains?

It is a strategy game in which you have to select the right plant according to zombies. When the army of undead destroy your defenses you have a final line of defense that is a lawnmower that can kill all them in the row. Once you lose all your lawn mower they can easily eat your crunchy brain.

Why play –

  • 100+ plants for your defense and more than 25  types of cunning zombies.
  • You can’t win without a strategy.
  • Multiplayer.

Zombie Diary 2

Watch this video on YouTube.

The battle continues among humans and undead. Several heroes have lost but you have succeeded in surviving. It’s not over yet, there Is danger hidden in every corner.

You must do everything you can to stop them and save as many people as possible. It’s a new game experience that’s different from anything you have played previously!

Why play –

  • Hybrid and beautiful looking weapons
  • Play with your friends on Facebook
  • 10+ maps and 30+ Unique weapons

Zombie Age

Watch this video on YouTube.

The earth is now under threat from vicious undead and the end of humanity will occur sooner because of those green monsters wandering everywhere. You seem to be the town’s only survivor resident that can battle with the undead.

Protect the house and don’t let them cross your doors. To remain alive, you must use the resource wisely. Save enough money as you need to buy powerful guns, or recruit the world’s finest killers when you can’t stand anymore.

Why play –

  • More than 8 game modes
  • Call your friend for help and defeat the army of undead together
  • More than 30 weapons
  • Cool boss fights

SWAT and Zombies Season 2

Watch this video on YouTube.

If you love plants vs zombies and are looking for a similar game then this is the game you should play. You will have a different type of swat character, which you have to arrange in such a formation that protects your village.

It’s a defense game so you have to make a strategy.

Why play –

  • More than 50 types of weapons
  • Lots of game modes
  • Player vs player arena battles


Watch this video on YouTube.

Word war 3 happened. Countries have perished. People are affected by a virus. The zombie epidemic outbreak begins. You could get an infection by virus via a bite from these monsters.

An exceptional sniper squad was recruited to go to war, collect weapons and supplies to stop viruses and illnesses, save people!

Fight for life! Pick the right weapon to battle the undead that came to attack you. Let’s destroy all those dead and leave no monsters alive!!

Are you ready to take part in this fantastic shooter game?

Why play –

  • Wide variety of monsters with their own unique variety
  • Fun side quests
  • It can be played without the internet.

Zombie Roadkill 3D

Watch this video on YouTube.

This game is the perfect blend of a retro shooter with racing games. The rules are quite easy, destroy the infinite waves or get your brain eaten.

When your city is surrounded by undead, the one and only thing you must do is drive through it.

In this game, you not only just pass through the hordes of the undead, but you can also destroy them with automatic weapons and cars with equipped RPGs. This game offers unparalleled cars and guns on mobile!

Why play –

  • Easy controls but challenging
  • Story mode

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