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I just found a great website where you can buy Windows 10 pro at the lowest price.

Here is the website link – Buy Windows 10 pro

and the best thing you get is the money back warranty.

Here is a guide on

  • How to buy the key from the
  • How to activate it?

How to buy the genuine key

First visit the website –

This website has all the stuff – software, antivirus and steam game key at the cheapest rate.

Visit the software section and scroll down to see windows 10. You can also purchase .

Choose the version that you need.

Add it to cart and make a account.

Payout using paypal, UPI or Paytm. That’s it.

Here is a guide onHow to download genuine Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft’s official website

How to activate windows 10

After you purchase the key, you will receive a mail by an agent telling you further steps.

If you don’t know much about windows 10 let the agent install the key for you or you can tell them to mail the key.

Copy it.

Go to cortana search. Type activation settings

Go to change product key. Enter your key.

And click activate

Congratulations, you have activated the OS.

Why should I buy Windows 10?

Here are some of my personal favorite features.

You own virtual assistant Cortana


Cortana makes communicating with your system simpler, without having to lift a finger.  You can search for certain files in your computer, pull images from specific dates, or run Powerpoint just by asking your Computer to do that.  You may even get Cortana to send emails while working on a spreadsheet, rendering it easier to multi-task.

Start menu

start menu

Love the good old start button? In this version, you will get a redesigned start button with a beautiful interface.

Microsoft Edge

edge browser

Well, we all know how bad the internet explorer was. Microsoft launched the Edge browser to solve that problem. Although you will find both internet explorer and edge pre-installed. Microsoft claims that this browser is resource-efficient as compared to chrome

Improved Windows defender

windows defender aka security

Microsoft has made a lot of improvements in its antimalware software. Av test report shows that this antimalware is almost as good as Kaspersky. So if you are an average user then this prebuilt antivirus is good for you. It has a decent score in defending the latest malware

Dark mode

dark mode

Who does not love dark mode? In this, you have the option to enable dark mode.

Just open the Cortana and type the color setting.

Scroll down and you will find Option to enable dark mode.

Notification area.

notification area

To open the notification area. Look at the bottom right corner. You will see a message icon, click it and you will see all the latest notifications

And down below you will also see a quick setting like Bluetooth, location, etc.

Different Versions Of Windows 10 And Its Uses.

bill gates with his product

Home Edition

This is the most basic version of this operating system targeted towards a home user. You can say as it is the basic version but it is quite powerful.

It has all the basic features like device encryption to protect your data by encrypting it. Firewall and network protection, parental control, secure boot, and prebuilt security.

Pro Edition

It includes all the features of the home version plus more security. This version has BitLocker device encryption which can be used when your device gets stolen or lost. It locks the data so that no one can access the data. And it also has a remote desktop which can be used to share files between multiple devices.

This version is appealing for productivity and management-related features. One of the most key features is the Universal Windows app interface, that enables multi-device application access to devices.

In the security aspect of things, it comes with so many functionalities like virtualization-based security, that allows isolating different parts of the OS from malware or viruses from being manipulated.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise comes with all features of Professional and several other  It is focused at medium-sized and large corporations. This could be only be sold via the volume licensing system of Microsoft and includes a Pro version base installation. Enterprise provides a range of added value functions.

DirectAccess is a cool feature that allows remote users to access internal networks through a VPN-like device which creates a bidirectional Internet connection. it also provides AppLocker to limit software access to mobile devices by administrators. This functionality is especially useful for organizations in fulfilling their system management and IT infrastructure management needs.

Education Edition

This variant is a designed to contribute to educators ‘specifications for educational purposes. This is only available on Volume Licensing. This version has a range of apps to support teachers and students at another level. And if you’re a teacher making preparations for teaching, that’d help.

So if you are a student thinking will be of any use for my assignment then yes, it will. It needs a 64-bit CPU, and therefore can work on nearly most Windows 8-supported computers.  Nevertheless, you will not be able to use the Cortana assistant in this edition.

That it, thanks for reading till the end. This is the greatest deal that you will ever get. Use it.

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