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best Shooting games for android

Best Shooting Games for Android

Shooting games are becoming a successful trend in the android gaming community, because of which you will find thousands of shooting games on play store. To be honest, most of them are really boring. Just like you, I love shooting games, I have spent most

best Horror Games for android

Best Horror Games for Android

These games provide horrific and mysterious gameplay stories. with creepy missions and puzzles. Some of them can be enjoyed while you are offline too. So, let’s look at these 10 best horror games for android. Yes, all games on the list can be installed and


36 Best Multiplayer Android Games

Here, we’ve compiled some of the 33 best Android multiplayer games that are currently available. The mobile gaming industry has come a long way in the past few years.  These days, you will find millions of games on the Play store. but it can be


Android custom ROM Guide

What is android custom ROM? We all have heard about ROM (Read Only Memory) and when it comes to android they both are different and are confusing. Every android device such as phones, tablets, smartwatch, etc. comes with what we call “stock ROM” or “stock


Best AppLock for 2020 – Ad Free

Here we featured 5 best app lock for android 2019. And the good news, all these are ads-free and are free to download. Lucky are those who have inbuilt App Locker support. Those were the good days when you weren’t interrupted by ads every minute.

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