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Best 1440p Gaming Card

Best 1440p Gaming Card – PC gamers that require a bit more FPS may switch to the best 1440p graphics cards. Replacing your old 1080p GPU with a new one that delivers clearer, sharper pictures and a better resolution without burning a hole in your

Best Processor Under ₹20000

Best Processor Under ₹20000 – When updating or creating a new computer, selecting the appropriate CPU is critical. A faster computer, better gaming, and quicker execution of heavy tasks like video editing and transcoding may be achieved by increasing clock speeds and core counts. Furthermore,

PC Cabinet Under 5000 – Beautiful & Feature Rich Cabinet

PC Cabinet Under 5000 – Selecting the greatest CPU for gaming and the finest graphics card for your preferences and budget may be your top priorities when designing a PC. To complete your system, you’ll need to choose a motherboard, as well as other storage

PC cabinet under 3000 – Best Affordable Cabinet

PC cabinet under 3000 – A cabinet sometimes referred to as a computer chassis, tower or case, is the container that holds the majority of a PC’s components. If you’re building your perfect PC, starting with the finest PC cabinet available is a smart place

PC Build for Video Editing under 30000

Hi, in this post we will build a budget PC for video editing under 30000. This pc build can run popular video editing apps like Adobe premier pro, Wondershare filmora, etc and in this, you can easily edit 1080p video. All the component prices have

How to open RAR file

Hi, everyone in this post I will show you how can you open a .rar or .zip file in the easiest way possible. Step by Step This guide will cover how to open it on Windows 10 pc and laptops mac Android iPhone Online Without


Build Your Own Computer – Full PC build under 30000

Are you thinking of building a PC under 30000 and don’t know which component to use? In this guide, I will suggest the best component that you should buy if you want the best performance for your money. You can buy the following components from

How To Speed UP Windows 10 Laptop Using Free Tools

Hi everyone in this post. I will show you the exact steps that I took to optimize your laptop or PC with free tools. In this post, I will be using windows 10 and these tricks will work on any version.  Make sure you follow

How To Download Torrent File

Are you new to this torrent stuff and looking for proper step by step instruction to use it. Don’t worry, Just follow these easy steps and I guarantee you that –  By the end of this post, you will know how to properly use torrent

how to recharge jio

How To Recharge Jio – Step By Step

Hi, everyone in this post I will show you how you can recharge Jio using mobile and desktop. Let’s start. How to recharge Jio through a smartphone First, download this app. Here is the link. Jio App – Playstore link and  IOS store link (Recommended)


The Easiest Way To Download Windows 10 ISO Legally.

Hi everyone today I will show you two methods through which you can download genuine windows 10 iso in just a few steps. This guide is short, extremely easy to follow and 100% legal. Before you start this make sure you have a genuine license

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