The Easiest Way To Download Windows 10 ISO Legally.

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Hi everyone today I will show you two methods through which you can download genuine windows 10 iso in just a few steps.

This guide is short, extremely easy to follow and 100% legal.

Before you start this make sure you have a genuine license key, If you don’t have a key then you can skip it during installation.

how can i download windows 10 iso

If you don’t have a license key I will recommend that you purchase it and start avoiding activator tools to activate your copy. Those things are just malware and can steal your banking or personal information.

You can buy a Windows 10 pro license key at just 499. This is the lowest price on the whole internet.

We will use two methods –

Let’s start.

Method 1 – Downloading windows 10 ISO through a media creation tool.

Visit – Microsoft’s official website

This is the easiest way.

If you are upgrading your PC.

Download the tool and run it. Accept the terms and conditions.

Now there will be a screen which says what do you want to do?

Simply select the upgrade this PC option

Now this tool will download the operating system.

Sit back and relax, it might take some time.

As soon as the setup gets downloaded and updated you will see an option – “Change what to keep” in ready to install page. Select it.

Now choose what you want to keep. Hit next.

Make sure you have saved and closed all the background running apps and click install.

Installation may take around 30 min to 1 hour.

If you want to create installation media or install it in external devices (USB, DVD, etc) .

Download the tool, all the steps are similar till – What do you want to do?

Select create installation media.

Now you will see a page that asks you language, edition and architecture. 

If you are familiar with your system configuration select “Use the recommended option for this pc”

Note – If you are creating the tool for any other PC then make sure you enter the configurations manually. Also, Select the appropriate edition that fits your needs.

If you want to make a bootable USB select the USB option, or want to keep the latest copy select ISO file.

Hit next.

Now this tool will download the Operating system and will automatically create bootable USB or ISO as soon as it gets downloaded.

Method 2 – How to download Windows 10 ISO directly or without a media creation tool.

I prefer this method over the media creation tool because it is almost 2 hours faster.

For the sake of this tutorial I will use the Google Chrome browser.

In the top right corner, you will see a three-dot, click it and go to – More tools – Developer tools.

Right side windows will pop up, and you will again see three dots in the top right corner.

Click it and go to More tools – Network condition.

Or just go to the network tab and select network conditions.

Scroll down to find the User agent and uncheck the select automatically option.

Here you will see a custom, click it and you will see a drop down list of all the devices.

Find the android option and select browser

Now refresh the page. 

You will see a completely different page, don’t worry, this is how the page looks for android users.

Select the edition. Hit confirm.

Choose the desired language.

Just select the right architecture of your system. That’s it, the download will automatically begin.

Note – Link will be only valid for 24 hrs. Make sure you have around 6GB of data and a good internet connection

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