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Build Your Own Computer – Full PC build under 30000

Are you thinking of building a PC under 30000 and don’t know which component to use?

In this guide, I will suggest the best component that you should buy if you want the best performance for your money.

You can buy the following components from anywhere you want. 

I have also added the video review of the component so if you want to get in-dept knowledge please watch the video.

full pc build under 30000

Here is the specification for full PC build under 30000

 Normal UserFor Gamer
ProcessorRyzen 3 2200gRyzen 3 2200g
RAMCrucial Ram 2 x 8 GBCrucial Ram 1 x 8 GB
Storage1 TB Seagate1 TB Seagate
Power SupplyCorsair 250 WattCorsair 550 Watt
Graphic CardAmd radeon RX 560
MotherboardMSI A320mMSI A320m
MonitorLG 22 inch (22MP68VQ)LG 19 inch (19M38HB)
CabinetBBC 1602BBBBC 1602BB

You will also have to buy a cooling fan, which I have not included in this list. A standard fan price starts from Rs 200.


The best processor to go with will be Ryzen 3 2200g. It will cost you around 6000 to 7000. It has inbuilt Vega 8 GPU so if you can run it even without a graphic card.

If you are not much of a gamer then buy this processor and invest the saved money in other components like LED monitor etc.

It 4 cores and can be boosted up to 3.7 GHz. which will be a great processor for a budget gamer.

Cpubenchmark has given it a score of 6787 which is a little bit lower than i3 9100f but you are getting vega 8 at the same price point.

Using ryzen CPU with a vega processor also gives you an option to save some money and purchase a better GPU that matches the processor strength.

You can purchase 3200g instead of 2200g but it would cost you an extra 3000. If you are the hardcore intel fan, Then go for i3 9100f but keep in mind that it doesn’t come with integrated graphics.


If you are an average user then you will do fine with just 8GB Ram (Crucial RAM 8 GB) but if you want to play the latest gaming or video editing 8 GB is not enough. 

If you want to future proof your computer. go for 16 GB. One more thing, ryzen vega processor consumes ram and turn them into graphic memory. So out of 8, you will only get 6 Gb usable. 


Any A320m Series motherboard will work fine with ryzen 3. As this is a budget build so you have to sacrifice something.

Power Supply

For this build, 250 watts will be enough. You can choose any brand you want but for this post, I will be using corsair because it’s a tremendous quality product and is available everywhere.

For gaming specs, you will have to purchase a 450-watt power supply.


I selected the cheapest RGB cabinet which will cost only 2k. It has 2 red led fans that come preinstalled. 

If you can spend at least 500 more for a cabinet, you will have a better option that is  CHIPTRONEX MX1 


We will choose Seagate 1 Tb storage because WD is around 300 to 400 rupees costlier. Both of them are a great product so I will leave it to you to choose according to the need.

Hard disk speed is crucial for faster system booting. The motherboard used in this list also supports SSD so in future you have an option to upgrade.

To have faster speed, most of the users use 1 TB HDD for storing normal files and 256gb SSD for the operating system.

Graphics Card

This section is not for normal PC users so just skip this section. For Gaming, I have added AMD RX 560 which will cost around 7000. It has 4GB DDR5 memory and can play the latest game (in 2020) in low to mid settings.

Substitute for RX 560 will be GTX 1050 Ti and is ₹5000 costlier. You will only get 5 -8 Fps more. Another difference is the power consumption Nvidia is much more efficient as compared to AMD.

So in case if you buy 1050ti you will need 300-watt PSU and in RX 560 450 watts is recommended.

Here is a gaming review of RX 560


So we are going for LG 19M38HB which is a budget monitor. This monitor has a 19-inch flicker-free LED  display. It also has color weakness mode which will help those users who find it difficult to distinguish between the color.

For connectivity 1 HDMI and 1 VGA port is provided. It has a refresh rate of 60Ghz and the only drawback is that display resolution is 720p.

You won’t be able to enjoy full HD video but the positive side is that you can play the latest game at high setting only if you pair it with RX 560.

If you have a little bit more budget go for LG 22MP68VQ.

Now you are all set. Just download windows 10 and install it.

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