How To Convert Handwriting To Text – Instantly

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Hi everyone, In this post, I will share the method that I use to convert the handwriting to text instantly.

The reason I made this post is because I am miserable at typing. My typing speed is dead slow and of course, you can call me lazy.

The only thing you need is clear handwritten text in any language.

If the handwriting is not clear then you will face a hard time manually correcting the text. You can also convert scanned documents too.

Requirements – For the first method. Make sure you convert it into an image file like jpg and in the second method you don’t need anything.

Let’s start.

How to convert handwriting to text using Google Docs.

Google docs is the best alternative to MS Office and it is completely free. If you normal user using MS word for simple day to day tasks, then I will recommend you shift to Google Docs.

It automatically saves your file to Google Drive, highly secure and it extremely easy to use.

First take a photo of the notes, sign in to google drive and upload the image. 

Go to recent and right-click the file. 

Select open with and select google docs from the options.

That’s it. When the document gets loaded you will the text below the image like this.

Make sure you double-check the text because if the document is not clear then there is a higher chance of mistake. Some letter gets misplaced and will make no sense.

How to convert handwriting to text using an app (Google lens)

The reason I am using google lens is that it can do lots of things like image search, live text translation of an image, identifying plants or animals, and more.

Download Google lens from the play store (Link).

Open it. The camera will start working, now hover over your notes, etc.

In few seconds, It will highlight the detected text

Now tap the search icon and select the first option. I.e Learn more about what you see.

Now tap the text and select all the handwriting and after that select the option “copy”.

All you need to do is copy and paste stuff.

Isn’t that easy?

So which method should I use?

You can use any method that you want. It depends on the situation and the availability of the device. The second method is a little bit time consuming 

Just make sure handwriting is clear and easily understandable otherwise you will spend hours correcting the spelling mistakes. 

So, if you ask me which is the best method. I will suggest you to try google docs method because it can detect much better than the lens. This is tried and test.

Last tip – The bigger the word the better it gets detected.

These are the two methods that I use to convert any handwritten word to text.

So if you need and more help just leave it in the comment or just drop the message on our Facebook page.

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