How to download movies from TamilRockers – Step by Step

Hello everyone!

In this post, I will show you how you can download movies from tamilrockers

Step by Step.

So before we start let clear some basic questions.

Or you can just mail me the movie name at [email protected] and I will find it and send you the link.

What is Tamilrockers?

how to download movies from tamilrockers

It is one of the most popular movies and TV Shows downloading websites in India.

Here is a detailed guide if you are interested to know more – Tamilrockers – How do they – Earn, Operate and Started?

In short, it is a piracy website that provides the latest pirated Tamil. Malayalam, Bollywood and Hollywood movies and tv shows in Hd quality.

How can I download movies?

You will need a torrent client to download movies.

So Download any torrent software like Utorrent or BitTorrent.

If you don’t know how to use torrent or don’t want to use torrent, here is a guide that shows how you can download torrent without any software.

Well, tamilrockers website is banned in India because of piracy laws.

But not in other countries. 

So if you want to access the website, 

you can purchase a flight ticket and visit any country (USA, France, etc.) and then access the website


You can fool you network provider 

So There are two methods through which you can fool your network provider.

Lets start.

Using VPN to download movies from tamilrockers

If you are on desktop. (Follow these steps.)

Open your Chrome browser.

Visit the web store 

Go to the search bar, Type touch Vpn

Add it and it will automatically be installed.

Have a look at the top right corner. This is the place where you will see installed extension

Click the VPN extension

Select any country except India

And now visit tamilrockers.ws (updated on 30 April 2020)

You will be redirected to the working tamilrocker website. Like, in this case, you are redirected to tamilrocker.ws

Congratulation. You can download the movie.

If you are using a mobile.

Visit the play store and download the Vpn app.

And also download flud torrent.

Go to the settings area and select any country.

Open any browser and visit the website

Get the torrent or just click the magnet link. 

Save the movie to the preferred location.

Method 2 – Using a proxy to download movies from tamilrockers

Visit proxysite.com or hidester.com

Proxy.com is a website through which you can unblock the website that is blocked in your country.

Through proxy you are not directly visiting the website you are using their server to access the website.and also you are accessing the website anonymously.

Select the server and enter the URL (replace .com with .ws) and hit go.

You can access the website instantly.

Now let’s talk about how to download the Movie from Tamilrockers

On the top right corner, you will see. 

Home – Latest movies and shows.

Forum – In which you can download Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi movies.

Video tab – I can’t figure out what that is, but I think it has a lot of videos from tik tok, trailer, etc  not movies

English movies – To get the latest English movies

Request system – In this, you can request movies and also see the list of the completed list.

For example 

I opened this movie named Zombieland double tap

Now scroll down and You will see the screenshot of the movies. 

By looking at the screenshot you will know about the quality of the movie.

Scroll down you will see torrent and magnet link and also you can play the movie online.

In this, I will use the torrent magnet link

Just click it, and the Utorrent window will pop up

Save it to the preferred location.

Now, wait till it gets complete. 

The last step – Grab the headphones, popcorn and watch the movie.

That’s it, Now you know how to download movies from tamilrockers. If you have any doubt, leave a comment. And I will also update the website link.


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