How To Download Torrent File

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Are you new to this torrent stuff and looking for proper step by step instruction to use it.

Don’t worry, Just follow these easy steps and I guarantee you that – 

By the end of this post, you will know how to properly use torrent to download files on your computer and smartphone.

Let’s begin.

How to use torrent to download files to your PC.

Step one – So to run a torrent file you will need software. You can google it and get any software. In this post, I will be using Utorrent (link).

Go to the official website by using the above link or just google it.

Here you will see two versions – Web and classic.

Web-version is made for the beginner, all it does is search your file in a new tab of your browser with torrent phrases added to it. and classic is the desktop version.

I won’t recommend you to use the web version because the classic version gives you more control and isn’t that tough.

So, scroll down and get the classic version.

One thing to keep in mind is that the setup will recommend you to install a third-party app and you should only approve it if it matches your needs.

Just select the installation location and install it.

Congratulations you have installed the software.

Step 2 – Now visit any website that gives you an option to download using torrent or magnet links. 

The biggest advantage of using the magnet link is that you can download the content directly from the leecher/seeder even if the tracker is down.

Simply put seeders are those good people who share the file with you and multiple other users.

Step 3 – So if you clicked the magnet link or double click the downloaded file. You will see a popup window like this.

Step 4 – Now you will be asked where you want to store the file. Select your desired location and hit go.

How to use torrent to download files to your Android.

Both methods are identical.

Step 1 – Select any app from this list – Best torrent apps.

Some app in the list has an inbuilt search option which solves the issue of visiting a website. Install it according to your need.

Step 2 – Get the magnet link or .torrent file.

Step 3 – Select your desired location and check only the files you need.

That’s it. You did it.

Ninja Technique – If you have a slow downloading speed you should reduce the upload limit by going to the bandwidth section.

Some terms that you should know.

I think you should know a few frequently used terms in this field.

What is Seeding?

You will see seeding when you download get 100% complete. It generally means uploading/sharing of the files that have just completed is being shared with other users using your data. Sharing is caring

What is Tracker?

Trackers are servers that track the peers currently available to provide you with the required files. These are a special category of servers which help to speed up the transfer between client and peers.

Hence more trackers are attached, the more likely you will be to increase the ratio of seeder to peers of the file and help with the load.

What is a Peer?

Thes are those users that are uploading and downloading the files at the same time. It an automatic process and you can’t stop it. You can reduce the file uploaded by reducing the bandwidth.

What is Torrent Health?

Health depends on the number of peers and seeders. HIgher the seeder means the more people are sharing which means the torrent is active. Lower health indicates a lesser number of  sharer is present

Is downloading torrent legal?

Well, it depends. If you are downloading the file with the legal consent of the owner then it is ok. If you are using the software to use the pirated content then it is illegal.

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