How to open RAR file

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Hi, everyone in this post I will show you how can you open a .rar or .zip file in the easiest way possible.

Step by Step

This guide will cover how to open it on

  • Windows 10 pc and laptops
  • mac
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Online
  • Without any software

Let’s start

How to open any RAR files on Windows 10

For this, you will need a software called Winrar (Link) or you can use any alternative like 7zip or Winzip.

How to open any RAR files on Windows 10

In this post, I will use Winrar. Just click on the link and you will be guided to the download page.

This software is less than 5 MB and consumes fewer resources. 

Find the file that you want to open and just double click it

It will be automatically opened.

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How to extract RAR files on Windows 10

So, instead of double click, just right-click the file

How to extract RAR files on Windows 10

Select the extract files to and you will see something like this.

The destination path is where the file will get extracted. 

You can change the location by going to no.2 and set the desired folder.

On no.3 you will see various options related to overwriting and update.

After going through it hit OK.

How to open RAR files on Mac

Go to the apple store and search the unarchiver, install it.

It is completely free. Open it. Got to files and select unarchive to desktop.

Choose the desired file and then press unarchive.

That’s it.

How to open RAR files on iPhone

For this, you have to install an app from the app store called iZip.

Press open, You can also open file stored in google drive, dropbox, etc. directly.

Just select the file and press yes, you can also extract specific files from it.  

Congratulation you didi it.

How to open RAR and extract files on Android

On Android, most of the file manager app has this as an inbuilt option like “files by google”. Go to the file location

All you need to do is just tap it, and you will get the direct option to extract.  

How to open RAR and extract files on Android

But the downside is that you will get fewer options. 

If that’s not the case.

Go to the play store and install RAR app.

The User interface is simple and clean. Through this, you will get some additional features like extraction of only selected files, repair archives, or test archives.

How to open RAR files online

I found a great website called

How to open RAR files online

It is the easiest tool and supports up to 70 types of compressed files

There is 4 option to upload a file – Direct drag and drop method, through URL, Google Drive, or dropbox.

After getting uploaded, it will show all the files.

Click or tap on the save option to download it.

How to open RAR files without any software

All you need to do is right-click and go to open with option.

Now select open with – file explorer.

That’s it, You can easily select any file and to extract it.

Right-click – copy it, and paste to your desired location.

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