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Increase Jio Internet Speed Upto 500%

In this post, I will exactly show you exactly what I did to improve Jio 4G internet speed by 500%.

increase jio internet speed

Getting irritated by low data speed? Are you thinking that you made the wrong decision by purchasing JIO sim?

Well, it depends!!!

If you are getting a low-quality network this trick may not work for you.

Your internet quality depends on many external factors, like the load on the mobile tower, the number of people using the internet at that point in time in a particular area.

Here, in this post, we covered the working tricks to increase the speed of your jio 4G internet.

Follow these steps and get that juicy 2mbps 4g data speed.

Even though, after following these techniques, if there is indeed a problem with your device, we suggest that you factory reset your device.

Such tips and tricks may or may not work properly on your phone because everything depends on the area in which you live.

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Increasing Jio 4G internet speed using Access Point Name [APN]

Now, I’ll tell you how to set up APN to increase jio internet speed. Follow the steps carefully, because this will definitely have a positive effect on your Jio Speed.

Unlock your phone and open the menu.

1. Open your setting option.

2. Now search for “Mobile Networks” or “Network Setting” option and open it.

3. Find the Access Point Name [APN] in Jio Sim section.


4. If you use a dual sim phone. Then make sure you pick the sim slot where your Jio Sim has been installed.

5. On the top right corner, you will see 3 dots where you will get an option to create a new APN. On some devices, you will see a “+” sign for adding APN

6. Create a New APN.

A new APN will be created, now you need to make some changes to the Access Point Name [ APN ] that was recently created.

Now we’re going to tell you how to set up a new APN.

APN Settings To Increase Jio Speed

I gave you all the settings below. To increase Jio Speed, just follow the steps and settings as I gave you.


Name- jionet

APN- jionetdata

APN TypeDefault

Proxy Default

Port Default

Username Defaults

Password Default


MMSCNo Changes

MMS ProxyNo Changes

MMS PortNo Changes


MNC-857 or 863 or 874

Authentication Type-No Changes

APN Protocol-IPv4/IPv6

Save it.

Modifying 4G Band To Increase Jio Internet Speed

 Try these on your own risk.

Simply put, a band is a frequency of the network at which a service provider offers a connection.

A device switches automatically between bands based on the strength of the signal at some location which explains why Jio changes from the good speed at some places to bad at others.

1. Open your dialler and call/dial *#*#4636#*#*

2. Now, you will see 3 options, Select the Phone Information.

3. You will see all the important information about your phone. Select “Set Preferred Network Type”

4. Finally, Select LTE Only.

For Device With Qualcomm Processor

To do this, you need to install an app from the Google Play Store called .“Shortcut Master (Lite)“.

1. Install the application on your device. I know this app contains lots of but for this method you really need to install this app.

2. Open the app and go to the menu section, then select the search button.

3. In the “Carrier Menu” or “Engineering Mode” search box type and click Search.

4. Open it and Access to Change LTE Bands.

For MediaTek processor

1. Install MTK Engineering Mode from the play store.

2. Run the app and go to the MTK setting.

3. Select ‘BandMode’ and select the slot where you have inserted your JIO SIM.

4. Select ‘LTE mode’ and choose band 40 for best speed and band 5 for coverage.

5. Save the settings and reboot your mobile.

If these methods cause temporary or permanent issues with your phone after the changes, we will not be responsible. 

If you have any problem regard these steps feel free to ask your question in the comment section.

Do visit my blog. Thank you

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