Janmashtami 2020 – Wishes, Images, and Video Status

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Janmashtmi is celebrated with plenty of enthusiasm and is considered as the day Lord Krishna was born, who is also mentioned to be Lord Maha Vishnu ‘s 8th avatar. Born to Devaki and Vasudeva, it is said that he was born to shield those who live in Mathura from King Kansa ‘s wrath.

On this important event, as per Bhagavata Purana, citizens enact dance-dramas based on Krishna ‘s life, sing devotional songs all over midnight, and throughout the day fast.

Besides other areas of the country, the most remarkable celebrations are held in Mathura and Vrindavan. Also associated with the celebrations is a popular tradition that needs the formation of a human pyramid defined as Dahi handi.

The individual at the top breaks an earthen pot that is placed at a considerable height. On this amazing day, temples are decorated and worshippers pray.

Janmashtami Latest Quotes 2020

May Lord Krishna destroy all your fears and at this divine occasion of Krishna Janmashtami bring you joy and peace!

May Lord Krishna fill your life with plenty of laughter and joy. Happy Janmashtami to you and to those you love!

May Lord Krishna’s be with you and your entire family through every phase of your life. Wishing you a happy Janmashtami, and your family!

May all your dreams will come true on this Janmashtami, and may Nand Gopal shower good fortune on you and those you love! 

Recite the name of Shri Krishna, with love,  All your wishes will be fulfilled,  Immerse yourself in the worship of Krishna,  His greatness will make your life wonderful

Janmashtami Video Status 2020

Here are some best video status on the internet.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Lord Krishna stealing makhan

Watch this video on YouTube.
Watch this video on YouTube.

Shri Krishna music status

Watch this video on YouTube.

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