Useful Microsoft Word Shortcuts You Should Know!

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Keyboard shortcuts are the keys combinations of keys that provide an alternative way to do something that you’d typically do with a mouse.

I have created separate parts of keyboard shortcuts. This is part 1 focusing on Microsoft word useful keyboard shortcuts. So let’s start with the easy one.

Here is the list of the shortcut with “Ctrl + key

Ctrl + A — Select all items in a document photo and text.

Ctrl + C — Copies selected text or image.

Ctrl + X — Cuts selected text or image.

Ctrl + V — Pastes text or image on clipboard to your cursor location or designated file location

Ctrl + D — Delete selected text or image.

Ctrl + Z — Undo something

Ctrl + Y — Redo something

Ctrl + B — Turn on or turn off bold

Ctrl + I — Turn on or turn off italics

Ctrl + U- Underline the test

Ctrl + S — Save a document.

Ctrl + P — Print a document

Here are all the shortcuts that start with CTRL + SHIFT.

CTRL + SHIFT + F = Change the font

CTRL + SHIFT + H = Apply hidden text formatting

CTRL + SHIFT + C =Copy Formats

CTRL + SHIFT + D = Double Underline text

CTRL + SHIFT + E = Track changes

CTRL + SHIFT + N = Apply the Normal Style

CTRL + SHIFT + P = Change the font size

CTRL + SHIFT + Q = Change the selection to the Symbol font

CTRL + SHIFT + K = Format letters as small capitals

CTRL + SHIFT + L = Apply the List style

CTRL + SHIFT + M = Remove a paragraph indent from the left

CTRL + SHIFT + V =Paste Formats

CTRL + SHIFT + W = Underline words but not spaces

CTRL + SHIFT + S = Apply a style

CTRL + SHIFT + T= Reduce a hanging indent

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