PC Build for Video Editing under 30000

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Hi, in this post we will build a budget PC for video editing under 30000. This pc build can run popular video editing apps like Adobe premier pro, Wondershare filmora, etc and in this, you can easily edit 1080p video.

All the component prices have been increased because of the high demand caused by crypto mining and will be decreased soon.

So, let’s build a PC for Video Editing

PC Build for Video Editing under 30000

1. Processor – Ryzen 3200G (₹7500)

In this build, we will be using Ryzen because it is very popular among video creators. When compared to its intel equivalent it’s cheaper and packs more core and performance. 

As this is a budget build, we will go with an APU i.e Ryzen 3 3200g which would cost around ₹7500. Ryzen 3 3200G has 4 cores and 4 threads and comes with Vega 8 graphic which is quite a power.

2. Graphic card – AMD RX 560 (₹8000)

AMD RX 560 is equivalent to Nvidia GTX 1050 and is around ₹3000 cheaper. I have used this GPU to edit 1080p video easily. This GPU will cost you around ₹8000. If you can spend ₹4000 more, I would recommend you to go for AMD RX 570.

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Sometimes I have faced a little bit of freeze and slow time during editing with this GPU, which I think is okay considering the price.

3. RAM – 8 GB (Crucial – ₹3800)

The ryzen CPU can support RAM up to 3200MHz, but to cut costs we will stick with Crucial DDR4 8GB 2666MHz which cost around ₹3800 and perfect for our build.

To keep in mind is that 2 GB of the RAM will be used as a graphic memory by Ryzen 3200g. So in the future, you will have to go with 16GB of RAM.

4. Motherboard – Any A320 motherboard (₹3900)

A320 motherboard can support Ryzen CPU (till 3 gen), Athlon, and Athlon CPU with Vega graphics. It has all the features you need like HDMI, USB 3.0, nvme slot, etc.

5. Power supply 250W ( starts from – ₹1500)

You can go with any power supply of 250w, just make sure it is from a reputed brand so that it doesn’t damage your pc components. Corsair is among the most popular brand. Some cabinet comes with its own power supply so you can buy those.

6. Storage 500GB HDD ( ₹1900)

To save some money we would go for a 500GB HDD. Again the brand will play a key role in the durability of a hard disk. Western Digital and Seagate are the most popular HDD brands. You can also choose any other brand and save some money because all hard disks will last at least 3 years so it’s completely your choice.

7. Cabinet (₹2000)

A good budget cabinet won’t cost you more than ₹2000. Cabinet prices fluctuate so make sure you buy it during the sale season. A good cabinet will keep your components cool and safe, and this is an AMD build so make sure the cabinet has proper air inflow and outflow because AMD GPU consumes more electricity.

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