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PC cabinet under 3000 – A cabinet sometimes referred to as a computer chassis, tower or case, is the container that holds the majority of a PC’s components.

If you’re building your perfect PC, starting with the finest PC cabinet available is a smart place to begin. Choose one which reflects your style. You may opt for a sleek, basic look or for a spotless, bright, and eye-catching look. This is the computer you’re likely to use every day.

Here in this post, I have selected a few best PC cabinets under 3000.

Ant Esports ICE-200TG – ₹2,999.00

Best PC cabinet under 3000

The Ant Esports ICE 200TG mid-tower cabinet combines a luxurious appearance with cutting-edge capabilities. With a glossy black front panel that has front mesh and side perforations for optimal airflow and the capacity to accommodate three 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator in the front, the chassis also boasts its very own X-factor in the shape of an Auto-RGB lighted X shape on the front to seal the bargain.

With 7 expansion slots and sufficient space for huge air coolers up to 159mm in height and lengthy graphics cards up to 360mm in length, this chassis is capable of housing any modern-day setup. A solid opaque PSU cover not only helps manage wires but also splits the construction into two portions, which improves airflow and cooling.

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With conventional connections and a card reader slot on the front IO panel, it’s great for transmitting information from cameras as well as other portable audio/video devices. Once completed and prepared, the toughened glass on the side functions as a window to highlight your valuable items.

Ant Esports ICE-130AG – ₹2,785.00

Ant Esports ICE-130AG

The Ant Esports ICE 130 AG is the ideal blend of contemporary design and vintage beauty. With a multi-textured frontal surface that incorporates a fashionable RGB strip and a wonderfully built panel with a matte finish and mesh base that strikes a mix between aesthetics and optimal ventilation, the ICE 130 AG is sure to check off all the appropriate things on the list.

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With a size varying from mITX to ATX type motherboards and eight 120mm fans, the cabinets guarantee that all modules are properly cooled at all times. Two magnetic dust filters, one is on top and the other on the base, keep the chassis dust-free and facilitate cleanup, whereas the ventilated power supply cowl not only improves airflow but also facilitates cleaner and more organized cable handling.

With a 160mm clearance for CPU coolers as well as a 265mm graphics card space, air cooling enthusiasts may utilize practically any card on the market today. In terms of data storage, the customer has a variety of alternatives, including two HDDs or two SSDs, or four SSDs and one HDD. The cabinet’s seven expansion slots and front-mounted 240mm radiator allows it to house possibly the most strong configurations.

Ant Esports ICE-100TG – ₹2,810.00

The Ant Esports ICE 100 TG combines traditional charm with futuristic functionality to produce a mid-tower chassis that not only appears amazing but also functions very well, with support for motherboards varying from mITX to ATX. The casing is a work of art in and of itself, with a beautiful gloss black color scheme, side tempered glass, and carbon fiber highlights on the IO panel region.

Every case features seven expansion slots and can accommodate up to 2 dual-slot cards measuring up to 300mm in length, rendering it perfect for high-end projects, especially home servers. In terms of cooling, you may go for 6 120mm fans or a 240mm AIO in the front or a 120mm AIO in the rear, permitting you to pick any combination without hesitation.

A magnetic dust filter on top and a PSU shroud complement the design and give dust-free, cleaner inside for optimal functionality, as well as simple cable management and a significantly cleaner build, regardless of the amount of gear installed in this case.

CHIPTRONEX Thunderstorm X1 – ₹2,799

In addition to the built-in RGB strip, the CHIPTRONEX Thunderstorm X1 RGB Mid Tower case has a 120mm ARGB fan with motherboard sync. It has 4mm tempered glass side panels and two 3.5 HDDs and two 2.5 SSDs may be installed in the chassis. All three ports are available, including a USB3.0 port. The maximum length of a VGA card is 345mm, while the maximum height of a CPU cooler is 160mm.

On the back of the Thunderstorm x1 is a 120mm ARGB fan. The motherboard’s sync function could be used to regulate it.

The front of the Thunderstorm x1 has an ARGB strip that could be manipulated via motherboard sync, giving the cabinet a luxury appeal.

Two 3.5 HDD bays may be installed on the base of the cabinet from the back using the convenient screws provided. After restoring the power supply, the hard drive must be repaired. The power supply would be fixed at the base.

Zebronics Zeb-Mars – ₹2,499.00

Affordable PC cabinet under 3000

The top-quality gaming cabinet “Mars” from Zebronics arrives with a 120mm front fan with 33 LED purple fans, a magnetic dust filter, and enough room for cable managing. Using the Mars cabinet, you’ll be able to enjoy gaming like never before. USB3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports are provided on the front panel. HD audio front panel connection is also included. The Mars chassis offers enough for six 120mm fans. CPU cooler has a maximum height of 160mm and a maximum length of 380mm, respectively.

The Mars frame contains a number of ducts that make it easy to route the wires. All the cables may be hidden, allowing you to display your setup in its full beauty. The front of the Mars case features a 120mm purple LED fan. This cabinet supports up to six 120mm fans.

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