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PC Cabinet Under 5000 – Selecting the greatest CPU for gaming and the finest graphics card for your preferences and budget may be your top priorities when designing a PC. To complete your system, you’ll need to choose a motherboard, as well as other storage options. Despite this, many users ignore the cabinet, considering it to be nothing more than a container for your electronic components.

The reality, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. Choosing the ideal PC case for your needs is essential, as it dictates everything from the appearance of your pc to the ambient noise in your room to the cooling capacity of your system.

Here in this post, I have selected a few best PC cabinet under 5000.

Antec NX410

PC Cabinet Under 5000

Price – ₹4,999

The NX410 mid-tower gaming chassis seamlessly integrates dozens of new in-demand functionalities: USB 3.0 connection, abundant hard drive bays, expansion space, and one ARGB LED fan in each of the front and back. With a front-mounted 360 mm liquid cooling radiator and a top-mounted 280 mm liquid cooling radiator, the NX410 cabinet is simple to assemble and cool.

The Case Is a Work of Art, with all of the fan spots already filled. It included a total of five Argb Fans.

2 x 200mm ARGB front, 

2 x 140mm ARGB at top, and 

1 x 140mm ARGB rear.

All fans may be handled using the included six-fan Argb controller, which can also be used to adjust the effect of the fans via the case button on the front.

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The only disadvantage I discovered is that the fan’s rpm cannot be regulated. They are quiet but just not completely quiet. Therefore I suppose Antec could have included some sort of speed control.

Additionally, all fans use an Antec-exclusive 6 pin connector that is compatible with just Antec controllers.

For me, the Case’s primary selling point is the front mesh. Simply said, the Case has an excessive amount of airflow.

Ant Esports ICE-521MT

Price – ₹4,872

The Ant Esports ICE 521 MT mid-tower cabinet is designed for even the highest potent machines, with space for anything from an ITX to an EATX motherboard and various radiator installation places, along with a 360mm in the front. The front mesh panel optimizes airflow with three 120mm auto RGB fans preloaded and a maximum of 8 fans to keep your computer cooler in all conditions.

Dust filters protect all potential holes, like the front mesh, sides, and base, that are protected by a magnetic filter for neater construction and hassle-free maintenance for optimal device functioning. Storage options are plentiful, with four dedicated SSD slots and 2 HDD racks behind the PSU hood paving the way for workstation-class setups.

For the air cooling junkie in you, the chassis can accommodate a big 175mm tall cooler, and this means you may utilize any cooler currently available on the market without hesitation. Rubber grommet feet not only elevate the cabinet to allow for proper ventilation but also serve as an anti-slip characteristic, preventing any unexpected jerk or movement while traveling.

Ant Esports ICE-511MT

Price – ₹4,850

The Ant Esports ICE 511MT is a no-holds-barred offering with everything a mid-tower cabinet should include, plus much more! The ICE-511MT has fitted with Ant Esports SuperFlow 120mm ARGB fans. 

It provides a complete command over the fan lights through the integrated RGB controller or the RGB application on your motherboard for the maximum customizing option. The front mesh panel, along with triple 120mm fans, provides a straight airflow for optimal cooling, ensuring that even the most potent high-end equipment remains cooler at all moments.

With a whopping 360mm front radiator and 120mm rear radiator, this mid-tower can comfortably take a tiny mITX motherboard and an E-ATX motherboard, which implies you could even construct your HEDT within the ICE 511 MT. 

Additionally, the unit features four SSDs or two HDD and two SSDs, which makes it suitable for gamers and content producers equally whenever it ultimately comes to storage capacity. The offered vertical expansion slots allow you to design your perfect machine in whatever manner you desire, both within the respect of performance and beauty, for graphics cards up to 410mm in length.


Price – ₹4,591

4 120mm ARGB fans are preloaded inside the Chiptronex VIPER RGB Mid tower Cabinet. A controller that can operate up to 10 fans (six-pin) for RGB lighting features three front-panel and one rear-panel fan. Edge-to-edge tempered glass front and side panels offer the cabinet a distinct appearance and a variety of ways to display your design. There’s room for a front-mounted 240 mm liquid radiator. ATX/Micro-ATX/Mini-ATX motherboards can be used with this device. CPU Cooler Height is 160 mm, and the maximum length of a VGA cable is 315mm.

If you have two 3.5″ HDD bays on the bottom of your system, you may attach them to your case’s rear using a set of screws. To connect the power supply to the base of the cabinet, you must first fix the hard drive.

Pre-installed 120mm ARGB fans are included. As well as a 3 pin ARGB header to manage the LEDs via bios software, also comes with an RGB Remote control that can be used with the 3 front-facing fans and one rear-facing fan.

Top-mounted magnetic dust filters make it easy to remove dust and maintain it.


Price – ₹4,759

The front of the enclosure has two 120mm fans arranged vertically to suck in air from all directions. The rising heated air would constantly be evacuated by the MAG Forge 100 Series’ back and top airflow, which would help to create positive pressure inside the cabinet.

To ensure a completely undisturbed assembly process, the case was constructed with various easy-to-use installation methods and an ATX motherboard.

Tempered glass may be readily installed and removed from the Forge 100 Series’ case design. It is easy and straightforward to set the tempered glass on the cabinet stump prior to installing it.

Cooler Master MasterBox K501L

Price – ₹4,899

The new MasterBox K501L is all about gaming. The slanted vent on the front panel shows its aggressive nature by sporting an illuminated fan. The K501L prioritizes gaming components, such as longer GPUs, lots of storage, and liquid cooling, while still providing space for later modifications.

For those who want to construct a monstrous machine, the K501L is a great place to begin because of its compatibility with high-performance hardware.

The K501L’s compelling front panel vents sport angular design components and dramatic lines, demonstrating its competitive nature.

The slanted ventilation is adorned with an illuminated fan, which serves as a visual reminder of the computer’s gaming origins.  The translucent side panel lets you display your creation. 

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