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Rashmika Mandanna movies list – Rashmika Mandanna is an actress and model born on 5/4/1996 in Virajpet Karnataka also known for her role in Telugu and Kannada movies. Lately, she became the “Karnataka crush”. Mandanna has become one of the highest-paid actors in Telugu & Kannada movies.

Rashmika Mandanna movies list

In the Kannada film, Rashmika made her debut in the Kirik Party in 2016. She appeared in two highly hit movies in 2017, Anjani Putra and Chamak. In 2018, she made her Telugu debut with the love story movie named Chalo. In that year, she appeared in the romantic comedy film Geetha Govindam, which became one of the highest-grossing films in Telugu cinema, gaining her widespread acclaim.

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Rashmika Mandanna movies list – Released movie

All released movie list of Rashmika Mandanna in chronologic order

Kirik Party

Kirik Party tells the stories of a group of naughty students, the lead role is played by Karna (Rakshit Shetty), who has recently started engineering college They all are from separate engineering fields yet they establish friendship when living together in the hostel. The movie is classy, with light humor in, as it explores these young people’s college lives.

Anjani Putra

A small-time entrepreneur who operates a finance company at a nearby vegetable market has the help of the traders and residents in the city. All went perfectly for him till one day when he rescues an innocent policeman from getting murdered by a rival mobster. Shortly, the two develop a rivalry.


Kush is a gynecologist by profession, even though he’s a self-proclaimed party animal and womanizer. Cos of his private life, Kush doesn’t quite protest as his family chooses an innocent girl for marriage. Kushi, an MBA student, appears to be the ideal wife who will be unaware of Kush’s hidden life, however, appearance can be deceiving, Kushi is indeed a secret party animal. As they both get to understand each other more things begin to go south.


Brawls and arguments fascinate Hari (Naga Shaurya). He is consistently involved in some form of brawl just for purpose of fights. Hari is transferred to Tiruppuram, a place where Telugu people guided by Keshava (Achyuth Kumar) and Tamil people guided by Veera Muththu (Mime Gopi) battle one another in a fascinating circumstance. Hari is somewhat involved in the wars, but he ultimately falls in love with Muththu’s daughter Karthika (Rashmika Mandanna). Hari then knows that his relationship with Karthika would be jeopardized, so he tries to learn more about the war between the two parties. So, what comes next? The plot of the film is created by this. 

Geetha Govindam

A naive young instructor is mistaken as a pervert and hated by a woman who happens to be his brother-in-younger law’s sister. Ultimately, their differences fade away, and they fall in love.


A hated don receives help from a genuine doctor while on the run from the police that not only protects his life and also gives him shelter. However, the doctor immediately discovers that making acquainted with a mobster may have significant repercussions.


The plot follows Krishna, a good-hearted man who resides in Hulidurga, a town renowned for its popular oil exploration. When Devi Shetty, a wealthy businessman, wants to misuse the village’s wealth, Krishna stands up to him. The plot circles around the issue of who would emerge as the real Yajamana. Would he get his folks justice?

Dear Comrade

A powerful student union president falls in love with a cricketer, however, his anger issues and abusive nature disrupt their relationship.

Sarileru Neekevvaru

Ajay Krishna played by Mahesh Babu is an orphan who serves in the military posted in Kashmir.  Professor Bharathi played by  Vijayashanthi is an honest professor and mother of 3 children, out of which one son was killed on duty. The plot revolves around Ajay’s actions when she is in a difficult situation.


Bheeshma is a single man who is looking for a woman. He finds his love, who currently works at a firm that shares his first name.


Shiva, a popular thug, is invincible in his quest because he has gained the public’s love and admiration by battling against oppression.

Rashmika Mandanna movies list – Filming or not release yet

Here is the list of Rashmika Mandanna that is yet to be release.


Sulthan is all about a person who is forced to deal with a gang of 100 thugs after his dad dies and discovers himself trapped between the path of bloodshed and the path to his interest.


Pushpa reveals the tale of a truck driver who is involved in the illicit trade of red sander trees in Andhra Pradesh.

Mission Majnu

The film’s lead actors are Sidharth Malhotra & Rashmika Mandanna. Majnu is a tale of India’s most risky RAW task within Pakistan.

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