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Who doesn’t like a challenging game? An escape room is one of those genres in which you are put in such a circumstance or a real space that you need to escape from. You will have to find secret clues and build a plan to break out.


Here are some of the best room escape or the puzzle games that featured in editors’ choice.

The House of Da Vinci

You are perhaps the most talented student of Da Vinci. Your boss went missing. You don’t really have any idea where he’s been gone, or what happened. And, you try your luck and search for the facts.

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However, the lab at Leonardo is loaded with puzzles, inventions, methods of escape, and artifacts concealed in all the areas of nicely decorated rooms. You must use all your brain cells to figure out what is actually happening!

Enter Da Vinci’s Home, a modern, must-try 3D adventure puzzle game. Solve puzzles, find concealed items, desert the rooms, and immerse yourself throughout the original Renaissance environment. Always using your wits to seek out what’s behind the vanishing of your boss.

Many difficult puzzles are based on real creations and concepts from Leonardo Da Vinci. Unknown places were built on the basis of early artworks as well as the glorious Florence, Italy of 1506.

Faraway 4

You’ve always attempted to find the reality of history as an archeologist, and when an unintentional discovery brings you to a mysterious world trapped in such an everlasting fall, you’re going to start questioning it.

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Keeping you occupied is the writings of a historical philosopher who traveled the very same road as you do right now. His doubts and story just intensify the suspense that needs to be solved.

Maybe the mysteries of this universe in which you have identified yourself are best to leave alone. The whole place changes a person, and if you go home anyhow, the consequences will be.

Faraway 4 is loaded with complicated puzzles and ready to discover a wonderful new world. The room escape game tests your ability to resolve problems and to explore. Prequel to one of the greatest games ever made with around one million players! Immerse yourself in a fascinating entertainment experience which will offer you hours of mobile gaming.

Cube Escape: Paradox

When the famous private investigator Dale Vandermeer gets up in an unsettling house with little or no memory of his past, he will suddenly find himself part of such a ridiculous game masterminded via an old enemy.

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To exit the room and regain his memories, Dale has to crack extremely difficult challenges.

This game is Marvelous. Good storytelling and decent pace. Every stage is satisfactory, it is designed creatively, but it does make you work for it. Respect the direction of art, and mix live-action with animations. I am shocked that such a scary and confusing mood could be created by the plain, comic-like graphics Well done to the creative team and the authors.

The Birdcage

The tale revolves around a heart-broken King that loses his young son during an incident on the hike. He locks away everything his son truly loved-the the sea-colored birds that inhabited his empire.

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He robbed the very wind from the sky in doing so. Free the birds, and again unleash the wind.

Begin preparing for responsive touch controls,  puzzles, and outboard thinking. To complete this puzzle platformer you have to use all the abilities you had to escape from the room!

It’s not a very difficult game but it is very well made. The mechanics of engaging with puzzles are pleasant, the visuals fit the theme, as well as a good little addition to the backstory. In some cases, it lacks a lot of original puzzle design but in others, zero difficulties. I’m not sorry to invest $4.99 on the complete version and I can see how other customers might do it. While playing the free levels you certainly would realize which group you belong to.


Rime is riddled with interesting puzzles and is still one of the best games to date. Here you will find a series of extremely difficult puzzles in the game.

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The story of the games is that you stumble through an ancient book and get lost in the world.

Overcome all the puzzles, and escape from the book’s world.A completely free game.

Honestly whoever really created this game has put a lot of thought and smart design into it. It was incredibly creative but there were also several times when I was confused which just made it more interesting to find out another clue. Also shouldn’t feel afraid to be using a hint if you become stuck. They can be very helpful and I will confess that I had to use somewhat a few hints right at the end

ESCAPE – Secret of the Hidden Room: Collaborator

It is a game where you should focus on a story in order to fix issues, and you can experience feelings when you read a novel during the whole game. When you’re the main character of the game, you must follow the lead to resolve various challenges, and you will have a positive feeling at the end of the game.

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The main character Dan is a businessman who has long been well recognized as a partner of the Occupying Nation and also as someone who has a warm heart and will genuinely support the family of his friend. The story begins in an old church basement, with Dan’s documentation of the past and the thrilling story continues across various periods and locations.

The plot is fantastic but very tragic. While there are many typos, and often it was difficult to understand what to do with puzzles since rules were not clarified. And I just couldn’t read enough until the text vanished, so it didn’t really become obvious that I might move in the room right at the start. I like the game through all this. The tale is very genuine, sad, and true, for me at least.

That’s it guys. I will keep on updating the list and make sure it has all the best games.

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