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To be honest, the shadow fight is one of the best fighting games that I have played on android.

The thing that makes it better than most of the games in the play store is its uniqueness. Just the plain graphic but very addicting gameplay. This game requires focus and timing.

And the boss fights are insanely challenging. I love this game soo much that after completing it I tried to find similar games.

Most of them were boring but I found some great games.

Source – Shadow Fight 3

Games Similar to Shadow Fight


  • Shadow fighter 2
  • Ninja warrior
  • Stickman Ninja
  • Shadow of Death
  • Stickman Legends


Shadow fighter 2: Shadow & ninja fighting games

Watch this video on YouTube.

Shadow Fighter 2 is an amazing fighting game. It is still one of the popular offline RPG games.

In this game, you will pass through 5 areas with forest, desert, mountains.

There will be multiple zombie encounters and monster fights at stages. You will encounter a bloody battle at every stage. Here you are going to be hero fighting forces of darkness: zombies, monsters. Your abilities will be strengthened after each stage. You can also use an array of weapons and equipment to battle enemies in these fighting games.

There are three modes: regular, hard, and extremely hard. There are five heroes to choose from 3 Ninja, Horse knight, Clergy. There’s a powerful monster boss every fifth level and it’s up to you to be wise, skillful, and destroy the enemy!

Why play –

  • 150+ missions
  • Shadow Fight alternative
  • 5 hero character
  • Outstanding User review (from google play store)

Ninja warrior: legend of shadow fighting games

Watch this video on YouTube.

You will play as a mythical figure somewhere in the ancient era. Such abilities have been accumulated through many lifetimes by renowned ninja warriors and have been practiced out for many years which helped them to become scary warriors.

In this game, you will become that Warrior. Your goal is to save the hostages, break into enemy areas for their assassination and destruction.

Such amazing skills with outstanding human skills, such as superb acrobatics, lethal slashing, secret paddles, lightning-fast darts, can allow Ninja to meet all the dangers and obstacles to complete the mission.

You will obtain more gold and diamonds from the enemy on the journey of discovery, to boost combat power.

Why play –

  • Easy controls
  • Beautiful graphics
  • 3 maps and 45+ levels.

Stickman Ninja: Legends Warrior – Shadow Game RPG

Watch this video on YouTube.

Stickman Ninja is a great Fighting RPG game. He’ll (your character) find monster and kill it, save the village of Sigma. Harmful and vicious threats, traps and obstacles are present all the time. In combination with great abilities, you must use strategies to fight enemies and activate other paths.

Why play –

  • 100+ enemies
  • Awesome map

Shadow of Death: Darkness RPG – Fight Now

Watch this video on YouTube.

Play a fantasy RPG fantasy action on the go. Shadow of Death pushes the limits of mobile gaming and is among the finest offline knight games. it can be played offline. Battle the way you want, players can pick from four special shadow knights, multiple combat types and loads of rare armor to overcome a dangerous dark world.

Why play –

  • Offline game
  • Well optimized
  • Beautiful dark world

Stickman Legends: Shadow Of War Fighting Games

Watch this video on YouTube.

Stickman Legends is a free-to-play game, a great combo of action, RPG and Player versus Player.

Sink into the epic battle in the dark, you’ll have to face many cruel rivals, bad monsters, and powerful bosses.

Get ready to become Stickman Legends World’s leading shadow warrior and shadow master!

Why play –

  • Multiple warrior classes
  • Lots of spell and powerful items
  • Stunning design and Effects

That it. I will be updating the list. Did I miss any game? Please mention them in the comments.

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