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If you are reading this post that means that you are looking for the latest tamilrockers working URL.

It is a common problem and this type of website often change there URL address.

So there is no need to worry because in this post I will share with you the new working link of tamilrockers. I have tested the links on 30 June 2020 and it is working fine.

The official link tamilrockers.ws is down so use tamilmv.unblockproject.rest (updated on 11 November 2020).

As I said before it is 100% working now and might not work after 5 or 6 months. So here is the links of all the version of the website.

Just copy and paste it in the browser. Some might work and some don’t so only us it if you cannot access the website with our given URL.

How to unblock the website.

So when you open the URL, you will receive a message called “ You are not authorized to access this web page as per the dot compliance”.

These messages are only shown on those sites that are blocked by your network operator on the notice of the Supreme court.

Yes, downloading or sharing copyright content without the consent is illegal and I will also advise you not to do it. This post is only for informational purposes.

There are two ways to unlock this website.

  • Using VPN
  • Using Proxy servers

Must ReadHow to unblock Tamilrockers website

The above guide covers the detailed step by step instructions with images, so please read it. If you see your copyright content then I will suggest you file DMCA and get that removed. 

This piracy website earns lakhs of rupees per day by sharing copyright content. So you can do a rough estimate and understand how much these websites make.

Want to know more about how they earn and operate?

ReadWhat is tamilrockers


According to the Indian copyright law, piracy is illegal and we at Sotmob don’t support and is against those pirated websites.

Watch this video on YouTube.

This content is only for informational purposes. Stay away from these websites and support the artist by purchasing their content.

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